Who’s That Surfer Physicist?

Or maybe he’s a mathematician—who’s that guy I was reading about in the popular media a couple of years ago who has some sort of new TOE, or made some very significant contribution to a currently existing TOE? From what I remember reading about him, he spends most of his off time down at the beach surfing, and I think he’s homeless—he’s spent his entire adult life camping on friends’ couches. He believes that he has figured out the actual shape of the universe, and the article I read showed a representation of it. I just started reading Brian Greene’s first book last night and I want to see that picture again. I wiki’ed all of the names that usually get thrown around in GC, but all of them seem to be too old. Who was I reading about?


An answer (and the right one, at that) even before my edit window closed. I don’t know what I would do without this place. A million thanks.

Heh, most of that is so written by Antony Garrett Lisi himself. “He also began daydreaming about building a custom RV and shipping it to Maui. That spring, Lisi purchased a Ford E-Series van and spent the following summer in a San Diego friend’s woodworking shop, customizing the van interior to his own design.” C’mon.

Lisi’s TED talk.