Who said it? - quote about musical imagery

I remember reading (or listening to) a discussion about the power of music to implant images in the listener’s mind. It may have been at a pre-concert talk often held before the local orchestra performs. There was a debate as to how precise the image could be.

During the discussion someone quoted a famous composer - one who was active when this type of music was all the rage. He said something to the effect of:

Anyone know who may have said such a thing?

Bonus question: if this was an article or podcast, have you seen/heard it too? Where can I find it?

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I believe Strauss said it, but without the idea that he could fail: As Strauss himself said, “I can translate anything into sound. I can make you understand by music that I pick up my fork and spoon from this side of my plate and lay them down on the other side.”

Could’ve been that link.

Which would be a lot more impressive if he had then proceeded to demonstrate. More impressive yet, if he gave a blind demonstration.

See, now you’ve ruined Also sprach Zarathustra for me, because I’m going to think lyrics into place the next time those notes start up.





Thanks The Other Waldo Pepper - yes that’s it. My dim memory added the “…failed as a composer” part. I don’t think I read that article (thanks for the link!)

My favourite example of program music (programme music?) is Chopin’s Raindrops - favourite because the first time I heard it was played by my daughter. I’m skeptical about the fork and spoon thing, but there’s no doubt in Chopin’s piece when the rainstorm starts to pick up.