Who sang this song?

I’m looking of a fairly popular version of “Night and Day” that starts with a man chanting “The tick, tick tock of the stately clock as it stands against the wall”. Can anybody help me.

The All-Music guide lists 802 versions of “Night and Day,” so you’ll have to be a tad more specific. About when was this version originally released?

Frank Sinatra?

That’s the original intro Cole Porter wrote for the song, so many, many singers have included it in their version.

More info, please.

I’m pretty sure Ella Fitzgerald sings it that way on The Cole Porter Songbook, which I recommend highly. She sings most of the songs in full on that album, including the intros. I can’t think of any other record where music and performer match so perfectly.

Fairly certain that’s the Frank Sinatra version. Try the CD “Sinatra Reprise.” I believe it’s the second track and it starts off “the tick tick tock of the stately clock…”
Bob :slight_smile: