Who the fuck invented blinds?

Fuck blinds! They’re retarded! No matter what you do there’s some goddamn kink in it and it’s practically open! Horizontal blinds are bad enough, but we’ve got two sets of vertical blinds in front of retarded patio doors which I am not about to get started on! Curtains work fine! You can open and close them with much more ease, they keep out light and heat better and you can even wash them if you’re bored enough. And fuck windows too! They’re half the reason I hate blinds! I just want to walk around my house in my underwear goddammit, it’s hot as hell down here and it always has been!

Tweekers invented blinds so they could peer out the slats.

Blinds are a pain in the ass, especially if you wanna walk around nekkid. I do like windows, though- my plants would die without them.

That would be one Marcantonio Bragadin (d.1571), a general flayed alive by the Turks after a fierce resistance during the siege of Famagusta, based on the Wikipedia citation I just selected at random.


So just paint your windows black. I’m sure your neighbors will thank you once tell them the reason for it

My bolding.

He invented blinds, or he was made into blinds?

Is that like how you make a Venetian blind?

Are you pulling my chain?

I think he’s pulling your cord.

Now, see, that’s just goddamned funny. I love this place, there are a lot of reasons for joining. But when I do Vinyl Turnip is gonna be at the top of that list.

No one knows who invented blinds, since they have been used for at least 2,000 years now. There is a type of blinds called “roman shades” which was in common use in the classical Roman era. And examples of blinds exist in the remains of the buried Roman city of Pompei.

And people seem to have been able to operate them for those 2,000 years, too. Perhaps the problem is ‘operator error’?

Maybe they just don’t make them like they used to?

My current apartment doesn’t have blinds. I want blinds! If I have blinds, I can just lower them and don’t have to worry about no curtains.

Then again, I’ve never seen a decent set of blinds in the US of A. Haven’t you guys heard of building them into the outside of the window? Aluminium or wood, but baby, yes, give me blinds!

You should see the venetian blinds in our apartment. They were originally made for a window about 6 feet high, but our windows are only 4 feet high. So some dumbass decided to fucking CUT each little panel individually down by about two feet, so it would fit the window. And it’s the most crooked, jagged, lame-ass POS cutting job you ever saw in your life. The length of each panel varies by about 2 inches.

Oh, and they are covered, inexplicably, with footprints.

I totally feel you that blinds are not conducive to nakedness. Least of all mine. My cat always jumps up in between them at the most naked conceivable moment.

And I love that our new apartment managers are ‘‘renovating’’ by painting the goddamn rocks white when they should be tearing these fuckers down and throwing up some curtains.

I feel so passionately about this that I think I should probably go to bed now.

Let’s see if I’ve got this right:

Step One: Pull.

Is that about it? And yet, without some finesse, my neighbors get a loverly eyefull of naked moi. With finesse, it’s just a matter of time before the whole kaboodle, and its accompanying kit, comes crashing down.

Well, the tricky part is pushing the cord the other way when you want to close them.

That isn’t even the top of his game. More than once he has made me go :eek: :smiley:

He is one funny guy.

Oh, and I agree with blinds. I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. We agreed on blinds on only one window and I made all the rest of the curtains.

I hate the blinds at the new apartment I just moved into. I actually have a door to the tiny back patio in my bedroom, which I would not have wanted due to extra security risks. The door has a glass panel right through the center of it, from top to bottom, about six feet long. It is covered by vertical blinds that are about five feet, six inches long. Did I mention this extra, unnecessary door is right across from my bed? I don’t like having an uncovered peephole to the outside at all times, so I just bought a new bookcase and I’m going to set the entire thing up in front of the door.

There used to be a band in the Pittsburgh area called **The Blind Venetians. **

We’re in the process of replacing all the curtains in the place with blinds. Much easier to maintain, much brighter in the house, and the neighbors have yet to complain about my casual nudity.

Blinds allow you **much **more control over light and visibility than drapes.

Set the blinds so they slant down towards the outside. This way you can see out but your neighbors, burglars, cops, whatever can’t see in. This also allows filtered sunlight into the room, but not direct sunlight - a big issue in places like Texas.