Who the hell drinks green beer?

I was asked not once, but twice today whether my weekend plans included drinking green beer.

Ok, I’ve got an Irish surname, but christ, I’m damned near 30. I don’t even think I ever drank green beer as a youger man. Nobody ruins good beer with green dye, so it’s always some disposable shit like Busch or worse that’s served green. Ack!

Anyway, my response to both inquiries was: (in my most patronizing tone) “No, I’m drinking black beer this weekend.” Both times resulted in an audible whoosh which I took great pleasure in.

Hey, this is MPSIMS, right?

Happy St. Paddy’s!

You know the coolest thing about green beer?

Green puke.

Irish don’t puke. Just wasting good money, that.

Not only will I have green beer, but I’ll have it at breakfast with my green eggs and ham.

Just another one of those stupid college traditions brought to you by Stan Clark and Eskimo Joe’s.

Getcher hat here! I got one of these just for the hell of it. They’re about 18 inches tall and a foot across the top. Big poofy velvet. Coolest hat in the world.

Another thing cool about green beer…The green beer shits.

I always have some green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.
I prefer bock beer, but it’s just more fun with green.