Who the hell is Opal?

Hola Opal!

wow . . I’ve arrived!

She is indeed. Very much so. And you’d better heed Coldfire’s warning - don’t make me unleash the fury of the Vikings. Hands off! :wink:

S. Norman, very much in love.

Awww… Normy’s protectin’ his sweetheart… ain’t that so gosh-darn-diddly-doodly-CUTE???


Yeah…it’s odd how he’s somehow protecting her with an entire ocean and a country in his way…

Of course, he does have one cool accent!

Um. I’m Opal :slight_smile:

Mostly I’m known because of the whole 3. Hi Opal thing, which is the result of me not liking lists with only 2 items in them, way back in the old AOL days.

Also I run the Teeming Millions Homepage (www.teemingmillions.com) which has the Page O Flames, user profiles, birthdays, personality scores, free email, etc … it also now hosts http://maps.teemingmillions.com which is by Demo and obfusciatrist. I’ve offered Shayna free space at peoplepages.teemingmillions.com but have yet to hear back from her.

I also run the 3FMB at http://fff.fathom.org which gets mentioned from time to time.

But mostly I’m just me. 29. Married. Mother of one, hoping for two. Buying a house. 4 cats, 1 dog. Overweight. Mostly happy. shrug just your typical folk, really.

cough I just hope it’s not of the bowel variety! :eek:

  1. Finally, the famous Opal!
  2. My OP has been answered.
  3. Hi Shayna!
  4. Lighten up Norm, my hands can’t reach through the monitor.
  1. Yup, she does. I do the TM profiles. Similar, yet different. ( 快三平台注册送18-电子平台送免费体验金 )
  2. um… didn’t know I was ‘apposed to be doin’ stuff, but I do maintain the TMHP site, the POF, and I provide 2 types of free email and 2mb of free webspace to anyone who wants it. That should count for somthing, anyway.
  3. hi, Shayna!
  4. having never seen her, I can’t comment :slight_smile:

I think I saw more of Opal on SDMB back when I joined, but since the 3F board took off, I think she is here less than she was.