Who the hell is Opal?

Just wondering.

Well, fellow Louie, you find out everything about her in her homepage.

Opal’s not just a person… she’s a movement.

She’s Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?

Her full name is Opal Cat.

Oh and her technology is superior.

  1. Opal Cat is one of the “elders” on the boards

  2. She has a cool home page

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. Ehm… yeah.

— G. Raven

Specifically, in the context of this MB, OpalCat is a long-time poster, from back in the days when the Straight Dope Message Board was a fixture on AOL. She has done a lot of work to provide on-line services that helped to build this group into a community:

Specifically, http://www.teemingmillions.com/ that provided the earliest lists of members, photos, profiles, and locations from which they posted.

My question is how could you be here since last November and not know who Opal is?

Hey, I been here almost as long as anyone, and I doubt most people know who I am. Course, I’m not quite as…passionate about stuff as Opal, but WTF.


I promise, the next time anyone starts a thread asking who you are, I will post the same thing (except I will change the “Opal” in my post to “Weirddave”, of course).


p.s. …and how can you say you are less passionate? We’ve read your posts. You are merely sardonicly passionate, that’s all.

That’s easy. If you don’t read everything (like me, due to time constraints I only open threads whose titles grab me) it’s entirely possible to not run across Opal very often. Not enough to get a real impression, know the history, understand the connections between her and other posters.

You’d be amazed the crap I don’t know and the personalities I haven’t sorted out, given I’m a big blathermouth who has posted over 1500 times.

If you manage to avoid Opal, you must at LEAST have seen a few count downs with a “Hi Opal!” in them :smiley:

Can anyone say hello to Opal or is that an honor reserved for a select few?

Are you kidding? It’s the select few (that is, me) who DON’T say Hi to Opal (I did it once, and that was a statistical fluke).

Ditto to what she said. I’m more of a weekend poster, and not even every weekend, so that’s how I can be here six months and still have less than 200 posts and never have read anything Opal has actually written. Seen lotsa "Hi, Opal!"s, nevah seen Opal. If someone can give a link to a thread she participated in, that would be helpful in “fighting (my) ignorance,” thanks.

Good Goddess, man! Do you see the icon in the upper right that is called “Search”? Click on it, and search for posts by “OpalCat”. Make sure you set to all Forums, all dates, and read each and every post she has ever made, before you return to ask again. :smiley:

But I don’t want to read every one, just the good ones. Tell me a good one.

Top ten answers to “Who the Hell is Opal”?

10.) She’s the star of the next blockbuster superhero movie.
9.) Wasn’t she Jerri’s only friend on “Survivor”?
8.) She’s the third word that ends in -gry.
7.) Isn’t that some kind of car?
6.) No, isn’t that some kind of cheap jewelry?
5.) She’s that cute chick over there with her own home page and cool web site.
4.) I don’t know, but I’ve been told all your base are belong to Opal.
3.) Hi Opal:)
2.) She’s not just a person, she’s a movement.
And the #1 answer to “Who the hell is Opal”? is…
Do a search,buddy, it’s been done to death.

  1. It’s Shayna who helps out on the People Pages, AFAIK.
  2. What’s Opal done for us lately?
  3. Hi, Shayna!
  4. Shayna’s cute too.
  1. The SD People Pages are indeed maintained by Shayna, but the Teemingmillions.com page (a comparable page with poster information) is maintained by OpalCat.
  2. I’ll leave that to others to answer.
  3. I’ll tell her you said hello.
  4. Yes, she most definately IS cute. Beware of a Dane called Spiny Norman, though. :wink: