Who thought up kitty litter?

Dog are taught to go outside. When they go indorrs, they are punished. So why do we delibratly teach little Fluffy that she needs to go in a box? Wouldn’t this lead to future health problems?
One of my cats has pretty thick fur, and her tail some times gets litter stuck in it. She has to ‘wash’ it out- this can not be good for her. My cats are also energetic diggers. When my kitten was standing by the big one, it got some litter in its eyes. If there are many things that can potentially go wrong, why is it such a common practice?

The Inventor of Kitty Litter

Actually, we don’t even have to TEACH Kitty to use a box. It’s instinct-Momma Cat teaches her kittens to use the litterbox.

How cool is that? Hell, even us humans don’t come potty-trained!

To hijack this thread do all cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs etc) bury their wastes?

Hmm, interesting. “Kitty Litter” was a trademark from 1948 until 2002, and was also intended for use with rats, mice, and hamsters. The term is now in the public domain.

I remember a story about a kitty litter that was advertized in Canada a few years back. It was named “Catch It”

Looks fine, but listen to it when you say it out loud…