Who Voted for Johnson out of Principle?

How many people decided to vote for the guy that pulled this stunt at a debate?

I didn’t, and wouldn’t, but that is fantastic. (And all drugs should be legal)

If only they had voted for Trump he might have won the popular vote. Oh, well no worries he still won.

That may be the best thing Johnson has ever done. Why link that instead of the Aleppo moment?

I did.

As opposed to his opponent? Before he pulled the stunt, she was claiming that you have a “one in five higher chance of having a heart attack within the first hour after you smoke marijuana.” That doesn’t even make sense as a statistic!

But let’s assume that what she was trying to say is that you’re 20% more likely to have a heart attack an hour after smoking marijuana versus a similar person that did not smoke marijuana in that hour. Let’s also assume that statistic is accurate (and I have no idea if it is).

There are 320 million people in the US living 2,803,200,000,000 hours over the course of a year. There are 735,000 heart attacks each year.

That means that any random person, at any given hour, has a .000026% chance of having a heart attack.
And it would also mean that you have a .000031% chance of having a heart attack an hour after smoking marijuana. Wow.

So, really, who had the bigger stunt up on stage in that clip?

That stunt was funny. Mockery was the perfect response to that asinine claim.

I’m in CA, but I voted for Johnson.

I didn’t vote for him out of principle, but I did vote for him.

  1. My state was not a swing state.
  2. Trump is not the horror in the Republican party, the Christian right is. If we want to protect the country from going the route that the Islamic world did in the early 20th century and being taken over by fundamentalists, we need to convince the party to move back to small government, financial responsibility, and the free market as their core motivations. If the Libertarian party had been able to get to 5% of the vote, and the Republican party lost the election, it would have been a strong indication of what direction they needed to move to remain relevant.

On #1, I was safe. On #2 I was hopeful, but I lost.

As to Johnson’s platform, I disapprove of as much of it as I disapprove of the other party’s platforms. I wouldn’t have been happy with his presidency, but not any more than I would have been with the others.

If I had bothered to vote I would have. But I didn’t. That was probably the best thing I saw out of him. He didn’t impress me much more than the other candidates this year.

I’m another California voter for Johnson. There was no chance of trump carrying my state and I wanted to do my part in creating a viable third party. As we’ve seen there is a lot of disgust with our current parties.

That being said there are a lot of crazy shit the Johnson spewed during this cycle and I hope he doesn’t represent the party next time around. Right now I’m debating getting involved with the libertarian party to try and make them more viable.

I voted for Johnson in a swing state. Michigan is still too close to call on November 9th, so I consider this to be a swing state.

I would have preferred to have Bill Weld at the top of the Libertarian Party ticket. I just could not hold my nose and vote for either major party nominee. I oppose the out-of-touch DC establishment.

At this point, I cross my fingers and hope that Trump does not decend DC into total IDIOCRACY. I am thrilled that somebody was able to stop the Clintons from 2016 coronation. I am concerned because Trump is a wild card.

President-elect Donald Trump, if you ever read this, I will always respect and admire your ability to stop the Clintons’ expected coronation. The US Tax code is over 70,000 pages long. The ACA (or ‘Obamacare’) legislation is onerous and complicated. The US Patent & Trademark Office needs more resources. I may disagree with you and the GOP on some social issues but please liberate entrepreneurs and medium size businesses from the shackles of over-regulation and onerous, complicated policies. After all the bailouts and other elite-favoring non-sense, the citizenry had an appetite for a outsider candidate like yourself. Please, grow into the office with restraint and maturity.