Who voted more in 2004, men or women? (US)

Simple question here, which gender casted more votes in the 2004 US election, men or women?

A little harder to lookup than I expected but from the U.S. Census Bureau and downloading Table 4a I get the following for the 2004 Federal election:

Male: 58,455,000 (56.3% voted)
Female: 67,281,000 (60.1% voted)

Margine of error: 0.4

Err…“Margin” :smack:

Also, there is more demographic data than you can shake a stick at in the link in my earlier post if you are interested.

Thanks Whack-a-Mole!

Two things to remember there:

Women generally tend to live longer (& senior citizens tend to vote more regularly than younger people).

Far more men are in prison currently or are convicted felons, in both cases losing voting rights in many states. The US prison population is over 2 million.

I would’ve been very surprised given those facts alone if more men than women voted. Take away those factors and I bet things were otherwise pretty equal.