Who Wants to be a superhero? 8/3/07 SPOILERS

No one started a thread?

We’re about 13 minutes into episode two. I think that Bee Sting is actually sporting a French roll, not a beehive.

Hey Otto.

I had to catch it at 11 est tonight.

I knew mindset was going. It seemed so obvious. He didn’t fit in

Limelight is Stan’s pet… she will probably stay to until the last 5. The person, not the character will grow so much from the expereince.

Mitzvah is still out there for me. – I don’t think he is long for the show at all.

I think

Defuser == Major Victory
Hygenea == Fat Momma
WhipSnap == Feedback

What the hell is Hyper-Strike’s problem? His new costume is way better than his old one. The best of the bunch, even. And Stan wasn’t being very reasonable, suggesting that Hyper-Strike wasn’t heroic because he didn’t like the costume and that heroes should be adaptable to change. Last season Stan gave Tyveculus grief because Ty said he liked his costume when in fact he didn’t; Hyper-Strike was probably taking his cue from that, figuring that being honest up front would be the way to go. There’s no winning.

I have doubts that Stan designed those costumes. He’s old-school, from the days when superhero costumes were pretty basic and simple; these costumes are rather ornate and modern. Besides, did Stan ever design costumes? I’m admittedly not very familiar with Marvel history, but he’s more of a writer, isn’t he? Jack Kirby designed most of the early Marvel characters, no?

I agree with you about Stan’s double standard. I don’t get it. Hyper-Strike was honest about the new costume and Stan should not be reprimanding him for it.

I like Hyper-Strike’s new costume but I think it needs the scarf. I think Hyper-Strike looks alot better with the scarf blowing in the wind all heroic like. So if he kept the new costume but they let him get his scarf back I think his costume would be perfect.

Also there was some mention about a mole in the group. I think Mr. Mitzvah is the mole. He doesn’t really interact with the others and he’s very tight-lipped about revealing things about himself. So he’s my vote for the mole.

The white was a bit overwhelming on Hyper-Strike’s costume. I agree that the scarf needs to come back. I thought Hygena’s costume was pretty good but the cape was a poor choice. Is it irrational of me that I’m bothered that her name isn’t spelled “Hygiena”?

As soon as Mindset popped off about not buying into the spelling bee I knew he was gone.

It bugs me too. The first time they showed her name on screen, I shouted, “It’s misspelled!”

Sorry for coming in late to the thread, but I don’t have cable, so didn’t see it until today.

Was disappointed that Mitzvah didn’t comment that he loved that his new costume had pants :wink:

Mitzvah is still my favorite, but I don’t think he’s going to be long for the show. I hope he stays, though, if only because his “terrified on the cutting block” face is hilarious. Parthenon and hyper strike could grow on me, and I wouldn’t mind if Basura sticks around for a long time. I doubt Limelight will go soon, but hope she does.

I also caught the whip-snap = feedback vibe.

Of all the new heroes, Hyper-Strike’s my favorite… he seems to be the most innately heroic, for some reason (although Defuser is pretty damn heroic as well). I actually liked his old costume, but I think combining the sleekness of the new suit, with some of the scarves from the old one, would look best. It’s a shame about his name, though- “Hyper-Strike” is just about the lamest super name I’ve ever heard.

Put my vote in for Mr. Mitzvah being a mole, as well.