Who wants to buy some "W" merchandise?

So for Father’s Day, my dad asks for this, a replica of Confederate General Shelby’s calvary sword. My dad’s quite the Civil War buff, and thinks it’s, as George Carlin once put it, a “really keen war.” But he wanted the sword, so I ordered it and split it with my brother.

Get to the fucking point already…

Okay, okay. Apparently, when you order from these people, they put you on a mailing list. Products that have been advertised to me:

The “W” 2004 baseball cap - It’s the summer’s most popular conservative baseball cap!

The “W” 2004 polo shirt - It’s “must-wear” for this election year!

52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America Playing Cards - Move over Saddam. Hillary is the new Ace of Spades!

I honestly can not believe that people would buy this tripe. When did we start merchandising the Leader of the Free World[sup]TM[/sup]?

There aren’t enough :rolleyes: in the universe.

I remember Reagan jellybeans and Clinton cola. Merchandisers have always gone to great lengths to get people to spend their money, and this is no different.

Thanks for the link. I’ve really like the USS Ronald Reagan baseball cap. It’s going on my Christmas list. :slight_smile:

And Billy Beer.

Eat my Reagan jellybeans, drink a whole shitload of Billy Beer, whip out my Johnson and shower golden regards all over my W merchandise.

Thanks for making me picture you with a LBJ-headed willy, 'luci.

So long as the phrase “pitiful, helpless giant” doesn’t leap to mind.

On the flip side, chicken Hawk cards!

What next?

It all started with the Teddy bear.

Shame on you Roosevelt :dubious:

Were the Reagan jelly beans simply ‘Jelly Belly’ beans?

I never liked jelly beans until I tried Jelly Belly, so I gotta give the Gipper credit for that one. Not sure I agreed with him on a single other thing…

:eek: I heard about the chickenhawk cards but I thought they were just a funny spoof of the Saddam cards. Are these serious or a joke?

Hm… Now that I think about it neither really should be made, IMHO… Extremists on both sides will take them seriously.

Is this any different from all the anti-Bush products out there? I despise people who sport items from either camp.

More so for the anti-Bush crowd, but that’s just because I happen to disagree with (most) of them

For some reason, I kind of wanna buy one of those W t-shirts, even though I’m totally for Kerry. I’d wear the shirt in public too, maybe for some kind of irony value or something.

I’d probably write “Vote for incompetance!” on it or something if I decided just wearing the shirt was stupid.

I don’t know if the makers intended them to be serious but I got a set as a gag gift (and I can’t be the only one) from my brother-in-law, who sees me as a liberal pinko. He just wanted to pull my chain and see how I’d react.

This is the same guy who gave me a deck of Non Violent Politcally Correct War Cards.