Who wants to marry a millionaire...

The first round I ignored…

Now they’re telling these poor girls he is some Oil Magnate who is worth $80 million!

And the women are all (seemingly) acting like they’re hitting the Lottery! WTF is wrong with this picture?

What happened to romance being about romance??? When did it become some WWFF cage match to see who could outlast the other? AND on NATIONAL TV?

Man! That’s so wrong I can’t even describe it! :confused:

I don’t know who is watching this crap, and driving the ratings of this CRAP, but you should EMBARRASSED if you’re contributing to this MADNESS!!!
Mods, If this post belongs elsewhere, I’m sorry for putting it here… I just can’t take it anymore!

6. Please. You are bemoaning the fate of a bunch of vapid, selfish, grabbing, narcissistic… women… (I sigh to even apply that term to them, but unfortunately, they are of my gender) who are willing to enter into a contract with a media conglomerate in order to marry a man they’ve never seen, all for cash. This is called “karma.” Would you go out with any of them after knowing they were on that show? 'Course not.