Who Wants to Win a Baby?

Because they’re giving them away as game-show prizes in Pakistan. Stories here and here.

Excerpt: "Amaan Ramazan, dubbed Pakistan’s answer to The Price is Right, usually awards washing machines or laptops. But when viewing peaks during the holy month of Ramadan it has twice offered newborns to winners."

The sad irony is that the babies may be getting a better chance at life if it’s true that, like one of them, they’re just being “thrown on a pile of garbage by somebody.”

Oh my… I can’t even formulate a proper response to this kind of thing. But uh, how do I request tickets to be on this show?

It would certainly make it easier to diffuse any embarrassing conversations about birds and bees when the kids are growing up and want to know about how babby is formed. You could answer, “We won you on a game show, darling”, and it would be true!

It’s a very different culture than ours. And someone is trying to find a way to improve how things currently are there. Not, perhaps as we would, but still, he’s getting people talking and thinking about something that heretofore everyone had been silent about, and brutal besides.

Won on a show, found on a garbage pile, given as a gift. Yes we are evolved enough to know that this is perhaps a less than ideal way. But at least it seems like forward movement to me.

If you reduce it to someone who couldn’t have a baby is getting one, and a baby thrown out like trash is finding a loving home, what’s not to like? If you want attitudes to shift, it’s got to start somewhere, this may be how it starts.

In a culture where adoption is exceedingly rare and often resembles bonded slavery, this is positive forward movement, in my opinion.

As someone in the comments in that article noted, I’m not actually sure it’s any worse than the on air DNA ‘you are/are not the father!’ tests some US and UK trashy shows do.

The article states that the couple had actually already been vetted and approved by the agency that deals with the local adoption equivalent, the prize could just be seen as an unexpected bump up the waiting list.

elbows. That is one of the more ignorant posts I have seen here.
Its Aamir Liaquat. He is certifiably insane. He has been in the last decade a cooking show host, a televangalist and a failed politician. Plus its on GEO TV. They would have a show with live beastality if they thought they could make money out of it.

Although from what I heard, they do not actually get the child, they get money to pay a lawyer to apply for a guardianship order, which will be dealt with in.the ordinary way.


Aw man, I was hoping that they’d lower the baby into the loving arms of the winning parents via steel cables from the rafters or something.

No thanks. :slight_smile:

Me, I’d shoot it out of a cannon.

Please do not give GEO Tv programming department any ideas. They will do it.

Don’t let Fat Bastard on the show!!

My husband made a good point - do we have to keep the baby, or can we flip it?

I’d like a baby pigeon if you’ve got one…

And all this time, I thought that baby rabbits for Easter was the worst gift ever…

At least you can eat a rabbit when you get tired of it.

I’ll take the cash.

Well, as it happens …

I thought you could eat babies? Or is that just the Irish? :confused:

The Irish raised the babies, the English ate them.

I’d pass. The second showcase always has a trip and a car.

Is it true in Islam, you can’t adopt? Or you can adopt, but the children could never be heirs to property/inheritances.