Who was Barnes?

Not Barnes of bookstore fame, but Barnes of Holocaust denier fame. All I know is that he was a Holocaust denier, American sociology professor, and has a journal of Holocaust denial dedicated to him. And that he’s dead.

Can someone fill me in on any more info about him? Curiousity is gnawing at me.

Who Harry Elmer Barnes was in simple facts: http://www.bartleby.com/65/ba/Barnes-H.html

This doesn’t bring in the holocaust part.

Wow. It’s amazing that someone of his apparent intellect would become a spearhead for the Holocaust denial movement.


Another cite. I’m trying hard to present cites which are not TOO biased on such an individual. Hard.

In case I forget, Barnes, just before he died in 1968, was working on a book about how Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor months in advance