Who Was Colonel Stoopnagel?

I picked up an old playbill from 1934…and there was an ad from 1934-advertising somebody called 'Colonel Stoopnagel"-on the NBC radio network. I gather he was the host of a radio show-was he funny?

No knowledge aside from what I just Googled.

He was part of a radio comedy team of Stoopnagle and Budd, which had a radio show in the 1930s. I’ve heard of them, but not any of their comedy; either it didn’t hold up, or – since they leaned toward satire – the references that made it funny are too obscure today.

Thanks for the link-if you click the audio link, the comedy is pretty weird-it is almost incomprehensible today. The recording is pretty bad-I wonder if it was recorded originally on 78 RPM disc? It really is an example of something long past its time.

Oh, so that’s where my mother got that. It was one of her pet names for me and my siblings when we were small.

Searching for 'Stoopnocracy" on Youtube yields a lot of videos either wholly about, or featuring Colonel Stoopnagel, including a Max Fleischer cartoon I can’t wait to see.

Mine, too. At least it was something my father called us. The context seemed to be a better way of calling me “dumb ass!”

They were in the hilarious movie International House, which was a Paramount showcase feature for stars incl. W.C. Fields and Burns and Allen. Also Baby Rose Marie, who grew up to be t.v. writer Sally Rogers …
Talk about dated/obscure–Peggy Hopkins Joyce (the 1930s equivalent of a Kardashian) plays herself.

If ever there was a topic that called out Eve. . …

When, oh when are people going to stop giving this guy head?


Is that a line from a Stoopnagel routine? Seems rather ahead of its time…