Who was/is the heaviest surfer on record?

Who was the heaviest (as in pounds) surfer on record to surf waves? I’ve seen some pretty heavy guys surfing, but has there ever been a documented case of say…a largely overweight or even an obese surfer?

Wasn’t it Brian Wilson?

I nominate this guy. But ‘overweight’ is a relative term, right?

I’d say Greg Noll.

Har har! But seriously, Dennis Wilson was the only Beach Boy who could surf, apparently.

Well, now we know who’s responsible for the recent tsunami.

There was a Hawai’ian guy about 20 years back, first name of Dane (I think), who had legs like tree trunks. He was a pretty big guy.

I was thinking of Dane Kealoha- not that huge, just strong…

Im not sure who the heaviest surfer on record is but im 6’8’’ 310pounds and I surf, so if nobody beats my weight then i suppose i am the heaviest surfer.