Who was known as the suicide seven?

If any of you can drag yourself away from that Pit thread for a while, maybe you’d like to join me in tackling this triva question. I’m putting it here in GQ because has a single answer, but I’m sure the mods will move it if GQ is not the proper place.

Who was known as the suicide seven?

I’ve been working on this for weeks now, and the only real thing I’m pretty sure of is, the answer has to do with the Philadelphia Eagles and their linebackers of the 1940’s and/or 1950’s. Other than knowing that, this has been driving me nut’s! I’ve searched the web, and every football book I know of. Any clues?

Why are you so sure it is the Philadelphia Eagles? That might help us.

Where did you get the question? What context?

It appears to be another installment in that radio contest that spawned the “May 33” thread:


Thanks for the context.

Now, I don’t care anymore.

Another stupid radio contest.