Who Was Paul Steven Kirk, and What Became of Him?

This is a challenge to the Straight Dopers out there to see how trivia obessed you are.

First of all, I want you to figure out who Paul Steven Kirk was.

(Hint- His mother was one of the subjects of a Mailbag Report a few years back.)

Second of all, I challange you to figure out what happened to him.

For the record, I know the first answer, but I have no clue what the second answer is.

Wasn’t he DC Comic’s Manhunter, created by Walt Simonson?

Actually, the Paul Kirk Manhunter was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in the 40s. Since his mother wasn’t known or prominent in any way, I don’t think he’s the man referred to in the OP.

Does he have anything to do with either Open Source, or Barbeque sauce?

Or he could have something to do with comic books.

All right, second clue: He’s mentioned in his mother’s Who’s Who entry from 1980-1981.

And, for the record, the above guesses are all wrong.

Third clue: That’s All I Want From You

Are we talking name changes here ?

Is he now a famous musician or something ?

So… his mom is Jaye P. Morgan?

Chalkpit, you’re wrong, as far as I know. (see below)

Great, Sofa King got it, and after only 3 clues and 2 days. (I was trying to see how long it would take a member of the board to find a random piece of information. I thought that it might take weeks, but it wasn’t the case.)

Sofaking, going back to you, I now make this offer. You have the right to any rank of peerage, connected to any word that is a synonym for trivia. Put a post on the board as to what title you want, and I’ll give it.

Now, for the REALLY obsessive people on this board (and I know there are some of you out there), answer the second part of the original post. I can’t help you there, however, as I don’t know the answer, or even have a clue how to find it.