Who Was the First Karen?

Who was the first person on the Internet to be explicitly referred to as a Karen? Not just someone named Karen but a Karen Karen. No offense intended to people actually named Karen. I’ve known some really nice people with that name.

Oh, just the internet. I was going to say Eve. Don’t you know why they really got kicked out of the garden?

Karens have existed for a long while, but the first memed Karen I can recall was BBQ Becky.

That is funny!

Too many people are now trying to get a rise out of any ol white lady. I saw one vid where a gma nicely asked a young woman to cover her butt at the park because she was walking around in a string thong and little kids were staring at her. So the exhibitionist turned her phone at the old lady and posts it as a Karen vid. Lame.

Because the serpent told her if she wanted to eat, she needed to put on shoes and a shirt and it was downhill from there.

BBQ Becky exhibited Karen-like behavior but was she explicitly referred to as a “Karen”? I couldn’t find it in the link but I am trying to do four different things at the same time this morning and might have missed it.

I searched for “Karen” in that article but didn’t find it. I could be wrong, but I think the OP is looking for the first to be explicitly referred to as a “Karen.”

As it turns out, there’s a wiki page on just this subject. ISTM, the name Karen is about as random as Felicia (as in Bye Felicia).

Yeah, it seemed like an alliterative thing at first. I don’t know why it seems to have settled on Karen.

‘Bye Felicia’ was a line from a movie with a character named Felicia, not a big distinction, but the name wasn’t created to describe the personality or behavior. I will mention that my son was engaged to a girl named Felicia and she dumped him hard and just about everybody who knew them enjoyed saying “Bye Felicia” too her. Some of her own family regretted that they weren’t saying goodbye to her.


I’m getting triggered. Just sayin’


Not what I’m seeing. Did they newly add that paragraph about the Reddit user Fuck_You_Karen who was complaining about his wife who was actually named Karen, and then became a the name for anyone who acted like her?

Another use of the term Karen as an internet meme dates to an anonymous Reddit user, Fuck_You_Karen, who posted rants denigrating his ex-wife Karen, whom he alleged had taken both his children and, later, his house during divorce proceedings. The posts led to the creation of a subreddit in 2017, r/FuckYouKaren, to both compile a narrative and share memes about the posts. Since Fuck_You_Karen deleted his account, the subreddit refocused to memes about the stereotype in general rather than one specific woman.[4][5]

Recent GQ thread:
Why Karen?

And someone in that thread linked to Know Your Meme/Karen, which does a good history of notable Karen-ish Karens

Donald Trump. Absolutely. He is the inspiration.