Who was the "I'm with YOU" guy?

Does anyone else remember this intensely creepy 1960s comic actor? He showed up on variety and comedy shows, and his only schtick seemed to be pointing at someone and saying “I’m with YOU!” and creeping everyone out? He was skinny and hollow-eyed and had a Zero Mostel-caliber comb-over.

Or did I just hallucinate the whole thing, along with Ray-Jay Johnson?

Nope. You didn’t hallucinate this. This was once answered in GQ, but the thread is MIA.

I do not have a clue on the “I’m with YOU” guy. However, I need to sadly report that Ray-Jay Johnson was all to real and all to likely to show up almost anywhere and anytime. I remember him well, I just do not remember him being funny.



Good find on Stan Ross. Can I inquire into how you found him?

You know, you don’t have to call him Ray…

God, that man just sucked the comedy out of an entire decade.

Stan Ross! Thanks. And he’s still alive! Mercifully, Google-Imaging him came up with nothing but innocent people named Stan Ross, but not him.

Jeez, was he creepy.

How do you know they are innocent? :dubious:

That’s right Eve - he’s still with YOU.

Aw! My Gramma Ricky used to talk about him. She would imitate him and it was extra funny because her pointing finger was all gnarled with the arthritis.