Who was the last living American slave?

I’ve found references to a Charlie Smith, who died in 1979, and claimed to be 137 years old.

One of the Charlie Smith references says that a more authenticated possibility is Sylvester Magee, who died in 1970 and claimed to be 130. But when I search on Sylvester Magee, I see the claim that he was the last surviving American Civil War veteran, and I wonder if the two claims got confused.

Is there a consensus among historians who the last surviving American slave was, among the traditional Southern pre-civil war slave system?

I posted a thread very similar to this a few months back. Feel free to search for it, it may be helpful. Long story short: Charlie had a legit SS number and is on record for being that old. Was he really that old? We’ll probably never know.

I did search for threads this the word “slave” in the title, but it didn’t come up. I guess I could do another search for “Charlie Smith” in the thread and see what happens.

Found it:

I guess I missed it on my first search somehow; “slave” is indeed in the title!!

Thanks Daoloth