Who was the "pop sensation" that did the national anthem for MNF tonight?

I won’t gratify her with using the word “sang”.

This piece of no talent can’t sing, can’t hit a note and can somehow get that gig? What have we been reduced to? Even the Houston football crowd, as unsophisticated as they may be, booed her.

For chrissakes, just play a recording of Ray Charles singing “God Bless America” and get on with the game. Spare us the agony.

Kat De Luna, if my Google-fu is strong enough.

That whirring sound you hear is Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Rosemary Clooney, Minnie Ripperton, Patsy Cline and a whole host of others spinning in their graves.

Is she hot?

Not unless your idea of orgasmic expression is a turtured canary calling 911 and screeching to the dispatcher that it is being raped by an elephant.

I didn’t ask what she sounded like. that’s what headphones are for.

Fair enough . . . I never used headphones while having sex. What do you do? Put on a porno tape with a lot of “Ah, ah, Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me, you’re so big, Oh my God, etc.” while you are pretending to satisfy some body with a hole? Just want to know how to do it. Maybe someday when I’m desperate I’ll give it a try.

You decide. Her wiki page puts her birth date in 1987, so she isn’t jailbait, but I get a distinct jailbait vibe from that photo.

Not really that appealing to me. But presentable. Definitely presentable.

No, just plain old music will do. It comes in handy because then you already have them in so you don’t have to hear them talk afterwards. Or you can let her listen, providing a distraction to make it easier for you to sneak out.

Great body, but not really my type either.

But…she was inspired to sing by listening to Aretha Franklin! Doesn’t that give her some street cred? LOL

I’d hit that!

To make her shut up, you mean?

Very bangable.

I heard a bit of her on the radio this morning. Yeah, maybe there should be an unofficial rule about adding personal touches to the national anthem.

Heh…I made a joke back when American Idol was doing concert tours with their finalists after the season was over. I called the tour “Melismania!”

My dogs and I all howled along. Horrible. I do feel bad for her, though- I think she just saw this as her big moment and screwed it up terribly. I could just imagine her family and friends immediately afterward telling her how good it sounded and that she did great. Blech.

I missed the beginning of the game, so I did a search so I could see how bad this was. This site has the video (only recommended if you actively hate your ears).

Simon: (silence)
Paula: You look very sweet, you have the look of a pop star.
Randy: Check it out dog - it was a bit too pitchy for me.
Simon: A bit?
Kat: Do I go to Hollywood…?
Simon and Randy burst out laughing.
Paula: You look very sweet, but maybe this is not for you…

From the reactions in this thread, I was expecting a lot worse.

Yeah, I’ve heard much, much worse than that. I was expecting her to forget the words or something.