Who Was the Rich Kid Internet Millionaire? (late 90s)

I am trying to think of the guy and his partner who in the late 90s, they had made one of the first social networking site. Similar to what MySpace is today.

And the two young men, in their early 20s, became worth like 100 million dollars overnight (obviously paper millionaires).

There were two of them, but one of them was more flamboyant. I remember him dating supermodels and dancing in leather pants. I was looking for the name of that guy.

In a year or so the whole Internet bubble burst and both guys lost almost all of their money.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Is it Andrew Weinreich of SixDegrees.com?

Or maybe Sky Dayton who created Earthlink?

Or Jonathan Abrams of Friendster (not in the 90’s tho…)?

Stephan Paternot and Todd Krizelman of TheGlobe.com?

Interesting semi-related note: One of Dayton’s Earthlink co-founders, Reed Slatkin, was convicted of running one of the largest ever Ponzi schemes in history right at the height of the Internet bubble.

Paternot is the guy…

Thanks so much, (thanks to others for looking)

His site is www.paternot.com

I wish I could find the picture of him dancing on a table in plastic pants


No problem. The only reason I know of him is because I worked for TheGlobe for a couple years, after it was bought by Michael Egan.