Who was the youngest child ever to live in the White House?

And is that person also the youngest child of a President while his/her father was President?

I tried Googling, but the links were uninformative, or made it too difficult to find the info myself.

My initial thought is John Kennedy, Jr., who was born 17 days after his father was elected President (which means he was only about 2 months old when he moved into the White House).

Probably John F. Kennedy, Jr. Since he was born 17 days after JFK was elected, he would be the youngest not born in the White House.

Esther Cleveland was born there, September 9, 1893.


I’m thinking John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Born in 1960, I think…

In the case of Grover Cleveland, he had three children after Esther. His third daughter Marion was born July 7, 1895, during his second term. His next two children, Richard Folsom Cleveland and Francis Grover Cleveland, were born after he left office.

Was Jackie in labor for about 20 minutes?

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OK, OK- this is GQ- we shouldn’t be spreading misinformation (although I guess the question was answered with Grover Clveland’s children…)