Who Was This Musical Act I Saw On Late Night (With Jimmy Fallon)

A year or so ago, when Jimmy Fallon was still the host of Late Night, he had a musical guest that I’m trying to remember. The lead vocalist was a woman - the whole band might have been women, on that point I’m not clear, but the lead vocalist was definitely a woman. She had streaks of red & blue paint on her face. The band was definitely not a mainstream pop act - you’ll never hear them on the radio. Maybe on stage at Burning Man, but definitely not on the radio.

The song was weird, but enjoyable to listen to. It had a pop/jazz feel, to it.

Beyond that, I don’t remember much of it.

Does this ring a bell for anybody?

Rita Ora; April 22, 2014; she performed I Will Never Let You Down. Video and pics at the link.

ETA: Sorry that took me so long; I was in the middle of a show.

No it wasn’t her. The woman started the act with paint on her face - it was part of her shtick. Also, it was a whole group.

Couldn’t find a video, but I saw some (possible) references to Lelia Broussard being on the show.

I couldn’t figure it out, but here’s this:

This is helpful, thank you. I should recognize the name after scrolling through it.


Oh sure. I don’t remember the last time I heard bizness on the radio but my preferred station plays No Water in the Water Fountain sometimes.