Who wass the most powerful character ever to grace fiction? (spoilers possible)

Mississippienne and I both vote for the Saint of Killers from the Preacher series.

This guy killed Satan, The Angel of Death, and even God Almighty Himself with a single shot from one of his Walker Colt revolvers.

A line of American tanks firing everything they had couldn’t even slow him down. A friggin’ nuke didn’t even render him a scratch. He was, however, still subject to the Word of God via Jesse Custer.

To whom would you give the title, “Most Powerful Fictional Character Ever”?


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By powerful I thought you meant influential.

I have no idea who would be the most physically powerful character in fiction–how about Superman or the Incredible Hulk?

Or are we confined to fictional humans?

You confined to fiction (literature, comics, anime, etc.), but the individual need not be human.


I vote for Q. Or maybe the Cosmic AC.





Define fiction, please, for the purposes of this thread.

Hmm, there was a book that Frank Herbert wrote with his son Brian Herbert. The Man of Two Worlds or something? It was about a race of beings that, from what I remember, could dream, or simply think into existence entire planets, if not whole galaxies & universes.

At some point, future Earth becomes a problem for some reason, a juvenile of this powerful race goes to Earth to fix things, and somehow gets stuck merged with a human.

With hilarious results!


In the DC and Marvel universes, the most powerful beings were the “brothers” from the truly horrific DC vs. Marvel mini-series.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote himself into Breakfast of Champions and demonstrated his godlike ability as writer/creator to one of the characters.


In Robert Heinlein’s Job: A Comedy of Justice, the hero has a meeting with Jehovah and Satan…and their boss.

The Great Will of the Macrocosm? :smiley:

Nabeshin? :smiley:

Son Goku? :smiley:

Ignoring God as the obvious answer, I also vote for Q. Yeah, he can be moody and childish, but AFAIK, Q is invincible.

Not totally invincible. He’s vulnerable to other Q’s. One time they took away his powers and he almost died, until Corbin Bernsen saves him.

So obviously the answer is Corbin Bernsen.

Garth Ennis wrote the Saint of Killers in Preacher as the ultimate character to win in any “Who would win, A or B?” arguments, hee hee. Once you kill the entities and people he killed (mentioned in the OP’s spoiler), you realize nothing else would be safe around him.

As an aside, Warren Ellis set up the superhero team known as The Authority the same way: full of unbeatable deus ex machina characters who, just by their very nature, could triumph over anyone one-on-one or as a team. Superman? Batman? The entire JLA? They’d all go down. Jack Hawksmoor, the Doctor, the Engineer, the Midnighter, and to a slightly lesser extent Apollo can’t be beaten (although I haven’t read the comic since Mark Millar’s run ended).

In comics, I always found the Impossible Man pretty interesting, and entertaining.

At one point, Galactus warned him he’d eventually have to be “dealt with.” Has an upper limit ever been established for this guy?

I figure if he worries Galactus, then he must be potentially pretty dangerous. He can instantly evolve and transform into anything he requires, limited I suppose only by his imagination. But theoretically, he could evolve into a combination Galactus, Living Tribunal, Phoenix Force, etc, etc.

According to these guys its’ a tie between Superman and Goku of Dragonball Z.

Yeah but he still couldn’t protect himself from that dog.

Dr. Manhattan from “The Watchmen” perhaps?

Will have to third the Saint of Killers. God made a boo-boo when he pronounced the Saint’s powers.