Who watched the Frontline documentary on McCain and Obama?

Not sure whether this should go in CS or elsewhere, but since my comments are mostly on the production, I’m starting here.

I thought the documentary did a good job showing McCain and Obama as politicians, political figures, strategists, public servants. They didn’t spend much time on the policies and positions of the candidates. Instead, they explained how they got to where they are.

It was entertaining as well. Lots of photos and film that I’d never seen before, and the comments of the participants were on point.

I thought it was unbiased. Obama doesn’t come off as a cockeyed idealist and McCain isn’t portrayed as a cantankerous old coot. I’m reassured about Obama’s instincts, and I’m even a bit reassured about McCain. He’s not the devil.

Did you watch? What did you get from it?

Not much more than you did. They both came off fairly well, with flaws and strengths. It didn’t change my voting plans.

I watched parts of it - only about 30 mins worth.

I agree with the OP…from what I saw, it was strictly biography and not much else.

I really like Frontline. I always feel that they’re non-biased. I taped it for my mom, because I think she still might be undecided, and she keeps telling me she likes biographies. So there you go.

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Just watched it now (here). I thought it was well done. Not a lot of new information for those who’ve been following the campaign since the start of the primaries, but a good overview of what has come so far, and it seemed to me to be very even-handed, not at all in keeping with PBS’s reputation as liberal-biased.

While I’m fairly distrusting of the motives behind many programs that deal with politics, Frontline is perhaps the one whose presentation I’ll take to heart. They’ve actually changed my opinion on some things I’d felt differently about prior to watching, such is the regard I hold them in.

Between the debates and the NLCS last night I had to miss this episode but I do plan to watch it the next time it’s on.

I just love Frontline documentaries. They always do their best to be objective.

What was interesting is McCain’s journey through the primaries and his battle with Bush in 2000. I underestimated just how necessary the religious right vote is to a Republican candidate. I think McCain just about sold his soul to get that vote. I can sympathize with him now, but still won’t vote for him.

I also didn’t know how reluctant Obama was to denounce Reverend Wright. He could have done it from the start of the scandal but instead decided to try and explain the situation.

Obama had no plan to deal with Wright. I think he did not want to denounce him, but at the same time could not figure out how to explain him the the American people. Black Churches have always been marginalized by politicians because white people don’t understand them, so it says a lot about Obama that he at least tried.