Who were the ad wizards who came up with this one? (dirty)

OK, the world of internet popup ads has been flooded recently by a couple new “softwares.” One is anti-spyware, another is the “wipe away the porn” software. Now it appears that the two have been “combined” by a 12 year old pervert with paranoid delusional fantasies and a sick fascination with anal prison rape and AIDS. Never mind the fact that the “software” product is obviously phony, nobody pays for a popup ad without being somewhat serious about peddling a product, even when the product in this case is clearly a scam.

Here are the highlights from the popup ad, which appeared at an emulator download site that I will not mention, because I don’t want this crackhead to get any more hits.

WHAT?? And it goes on, inexplicably…

Somebody paid money for this popup ad. Somebody thought that people looking for backup copies of old Nintendo games would not only need and want to see this, but would buy into this sick paranoid universe of government agents with nothing better to do than search your hard drive for anything that might make you a “pervert” so that they can drag your family into the street, shoot them, and throw you in prison to be anally raped by people with AIDS. Wow.

What the ever-loving fuck is going on in this world?

I should be laughing at this, but God help me I am. :eek:

Excuse me, I shouldn’t be laughing at this. :smack:

Excuse me, I shouldn’t be laughing at this. :smack:

D’oh! :smack: x 1,000,000

I suspect, although I cannot say for certain, that you are being whooshed.

Either way, that pop-up is hilarious.

See? And this is precisely why I don’t use anti-popup software.

Maybe the pop-up is a joke by the owner of the site you were visiting?

ok, I’m glad that I’m not the only one laughing at this!

Heh. That is quite funny.

Rex I thought of all people you would be affraid of the guys in black suits examining your computer… now I see why you IMed me asking about Nes Emulators, that would confuse anyone.

I’m thinking that these pop-up ads are parodies of the Evidence Eliminator “You Are Being Watched” ads that use browser meta data to scare people into buying their $150 “software” (bloatware). I won’t post any sort of link lest I give these people even the least bit of support, but there’s a good approximation at http://evidence-eliminator-sucks.com/eesucks/ee-lies.html.

(Without hijacking the thread, although I understand the valid reasons for disk cleaning, EE is marketed either to extort tech newbies or to protect child pornographers, in which any venom directed towards them is hardly enough!)

If it was meant to be funny or sarcastic or satirical, it sure got lost on me. That was appalling.


Whatever that person is selling, I need two.

So wait, am i going to be shot in the street or gang raped in prision? Or both?

Is that a promise?

(My first post; my mother would be soooo proud. :rolleyes: )

Follow up. A different emulator/ROM site gave me another similiar one (I’m sure that’s it, because I only had that and SDMB open as IE windows.) Funny thing is, I use Noment networks as my DSL connection, as provided me by my apartment complex. So when it starts off like it does…eerie.

How does it know what I’m using?

Reads your IP address and looks up to see which provider it’s been assigned to?

In hindsight that pop-up is not particularly funny, and more immature, than I thought. Still definitely not serious, though.

Usually the webmaster has nothing to do with the popups that appear on his page.

Shot and killed in the street, and gang-raped in prison.

In that order. :slight_smile: