Who were these freaks?

I was driving near Highland and Franklin in Hollywood this afternoon and there were a bunch of weirdos that looked like refugees from a KISS makeup session gone horribly wrong. They were whipping passing cars with whips, jumping out in front of them (literally risking their own lives), taunting motorists and waving signs that read things like “doomsday” and “apocalypse”. There must have been 75 of these kooks.

Pretty strange that a group with so much crazy and so little agenda (I mean wtf?) could organize such a thing. They were creating a major hazard, and when I drove back the other way 30 minutes later, they were still up to their antics, and no cops in sight.

Anybody heard of these people? Do they have any goals besides freaking the hell out of passing motorists and being attention whores? There was nothing on the local news I watched.

Dunno. The Google ads indicate “Signs of a Failing Nation” and “Huge Speed Bumps.” Could be either, or perhaps both.

Could it be some elaborate promo for the new upcoming flick Doomsday?

These guys were breaking the law and physically endangering themselves. They seemed really angry. Not a movie promotion. I snapped a bad photo with my cell phone:


I’m gonna go with guerilla marketing for the new Doomsday movie, based on the skull motif.

Either that, or Juggalo’s trying to stay relevant.

I’m telling you, these guys were doing highly illegal things. Jumping in front of cars to the point where they could have been run over, nearly causing accidents, threatening motorists, using “whips” on passing cars. They were making a very hazardous situation. If this was movie marketing, it went way way too far, and whoever cooked it up needs to be facing charges.

That made my week. Thanks

Watched trailer. Could very well be “Doomsday”. Whoever came up with this needs to be fired and maybe prosecuted. They were definitely endangering public safety and violating property rights. No doubt in my mind. Imagine if there had been an incident over this stupid promotion. What if one of those stupid goths from central casting had been hit by a car? Can anyone say Vic Morrow?

I hate this kind of “viral” marketing. Stupid advertisers. Of course no-one trusts you, you have been lying to us since mass media was invented. Now you expect us to trust you because you come up with stupid ideas like this? Your movie looks stupid, and your promotion was stupid and you are damn lucky it didn’t turn tragic. Enough already. Can you con a few people to see a bad movie with advertising? Maybe. Can you turn a bomb into a hit? What are you smoking? How about coming up with some movies that don’t suck? Oh, I forgot. That would require talent.


Wouldn’t you first have to be relevant before you could stay relevant?

Mr. america try to hide the emptiness thats you inside
But once you find that the way you lied
And all the corny tricks you tried
Will not forestall the rising tide of hungry freaks daddy!

–Frank Zappa

And here is the perfect opportunity to mention my favorite new toy, Wikiquote.

I never liked Zappa’s music much, but it turns out he was one quotable Mother.


Advance word on Doomsday is pretty good, if you’re the kind of movie fan who enjoys an unapologetically over-the-top homage to ridiculous 80’s action movies. This one in particular is a mashup of Escape from New York and Road Warrior, by the talented director behind Dog Soldiers and The Descent. For me, that sounds promising, and the buzz is good.

Phred Phelps’s crowd?

I wasn’t much of a fan either, but the arrangements and production values even on Freak Out! (1966) are just remarkable for the era. A lot of that album has sort of like counterculture-meets-Hollywood-film score quality to it, though apparently FZ himself hardly appears on the album itself.