Who were these two performers in Vegas? I wanna see them again!

When we went to Vegas recently I saw the show Splash! at the Riveria. In between acts, there were two male performers who’d entertain us. Here’s what I remember.

One of them was Mexican. The reason I know this is he made plenty of “illegal immigrant” jokes about himself.
They had a comedy routine but they also played quite fabulously on two drums.
Part of their routine every time was to find some poor slob in the audience and pick on him. A LOT.
They were extremely funny and hilarious.
They also had a thing where they had two plastic balls (I think) tied to strings, and spun them around like yo-yos, hitting them on the floor and adding them to make music.
No really, they were fall down-crack up laughing funny.

Erm…that’s all I can remember, really. I desperately want to find out who they were and if they have a website, because they were so entertaining! And I’d sure like to see them again.

Anyone know anything?

Are these the guys?

Los Latin Cowboys

hugs aldiboronti
Damn, I love the Dope. You’re the bestest! Those are them, definitely…they were hilarious. Thanks!

“shuffles feet and blushes with pleasure”

Glad to oblige. :slight_smile:

Very fun act. Saw it myself.