Who\What would Win in a Fight 2

I’ve tried to get characters, groups, or combat vehicles
that are fictional or realistic with somthing in common and
want you, the Dope viewers to vote on which would win in a fight.
Mind you, you dont hafta answer all of them cause you probobly
dont know em all. Just pick the ones that intrest u

So here we go…

  1. PETA supporters vs. Consumer Freedom supporters?

  2. Goofy vs. Donald Duck

  3. Yuffie Kisaragi vs. Rikku

  4. Wolverene (X-men) vs. Zhang He (RoTK)

  5. U.S.S Enterprise vs. Imperial Star Destroyer

  6. M-16 A2 Assault rifle vs. AK-47

  7. USSR during cold war vs. United States during cold war

  8. Regis Filbin vs. Alex Trebek

  9. Tiger Tank vs 2 Sherman Tanks

  10. Grand Moff Tarkin vs. Cliegg Lars

  11. Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

  12. Aeris Gainsborrough vs. Selphie

  13. Hercules vs. Theseus

  14. Gaea (Greek Myth) vs. Uranus

  15. Daedelus vs. Icarus (Greek Myth, not Deus Ex)

  16. James Bond vs. Joanna Dark

  17. Joanna Dark vs. Laura Croft

  18. Gandalf vs. The 4 Wizards of Arcane Hostower

  19. TK-421 vs. IG-88

  20. Ender Wiggin vs. Harry Poter

  21. JRR Tolkien vs. CS Lewis

  22. American Communist Party vs. Green Party

  23. Nobuo Uematsu vs. Alex Brandon
    Well, thats all for the second edition of this post. FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN “WHOD WIN IN A FIGHT!”

M-16 A2 Assault rifle vs. AK-47

Hmmm, alot of this depends on terrain. In a jungle situation I’d favour the Kolishnikov. Lots of sudden, close quarters action. Heavyweight, foliage penetrating bullet (and more per magazine). Mechanically, the AK is put together more like a tractor to the M-16’s BMW, and is less likely to jam up in crappy conditions.

For any other foreseeable condition I’d go with the small-calibre, high-volocity M-16. More accurate, higher quality manufacture (by a great sight.) Doesn’t get unmanagably hot nor pull upwards as dramatically as the AK in short bursts.

hah Inky- thats what I woz gunna name my dog, but instead my parents insisted on naming her BJ