Who will be the Bears' new GM and head coach?

I HATE that list of coaches. And the GMs don’t exactly have a sterling resume. If this is what we’re working with my “be careful what you wish for” statement might be prescient.

They get a big “meh” from me, too. Which coaches would you like to see on that list? Harbaugh?

Bienemy and Toub I think belong on the list, not sure if Nagy has poisoned the KC tree for the Bears.

That’s the only likely explanation for them not talking to Bienemy when they’re talking to everyone else and his uncle. Toub of course has a great Bears history, and if they’re willing to consider Frazier at 62 I don’t know why they wouldn’t consider Toub at 59.

The more I read about all the target candidates the more I’m getting obsessed with Toub. Some of the things that Reid has said about Toub are really illuminating. The fact he’s not getting a ton of attention sort of is a positive for me. All of these flavor of the month type Coordinators never seem to work out. It’s the kind of conventional wisdom that I’d like to break away from. I remember what a shock it was when the Steelers hired Tomlin, probably cherry picking, but I would hope we could zag a little bit…just not a Trestman-level zag.

Here’s an interesting list.

Yes, and Hoge is sharp in general. I’m not keen on having to give up sparse draft capital to get Payton or Tomlin, but I agree they’d be superior choices.

Same. Nice in theory, but probably not practical. And both coaches have had elite QBs under center for basically their entire career. And neither guy can take credit for drafting them.

It’s interesting – a couple of years ago, Bienemy was one of the hottest/most promising head coach candidates, and his name came up on the short list for pretty much every open spot (the same way that Nathaniel Hackett’s name is coming up now).

I wonder if, in not getting hired when he interviewed, there’s now a perception that Bienemy isn’t suited to the head coaching position, or that his “window” has closed.

Well, there’s also the fact that the Chiefs offense has regressed badly.

Personally I wasn’t that surprised when Bieniemy got passed over those past couple seasons. The Chiefs were great, but they had Mahomes and Reid. How much credit does Bieniemy really deserve? I suspect he just wasn’t a great interview either which has happened to more than one great coordinator over the years.

That was certainly a narrative I heard a lot over the course of this season (e.g., “What’s wrong with the Chiefs’ offense?”), and Mahomes did seem to not be as amazing as he had been over the previous few years. OTOH, when looking at the stats (link below), the Chiefs offense ranked #4 in points scored, #3 in yardage, #1 in first downs, and #4 in passing yardage. So, I’m not sure that they actually regressed as badly as some have said.

This is a good question, and I’d ask the same thing about Hackett, or any OC who’s a head coaching candidate, who is working with a head coach with a background in offense, and a top-tier quarterback.

I mostly heard gripes about their defense.

Here’s this article that says it started off poor, then “stiffened” later.

Though it also has a minor swipe at the offense. Not that it was bad, just not as good as expected.

If the Chiefs’ offense can get back to what many believe it can be — a unit that can score around 30 points per game — then there is a good possibility this team doesn’t lose again this season. Yes, that includes the playoffs.

Though even here the author isn’t saying the offense regressed, just that “many believe” it could be better.

Maybe Matt Nagy ruined it for Bieniemy. When people saw that the Bears’ offense sucked, they may have figured Mahomes’ success was all due to Reid (and Mahomes, of course).

I feel like this in one of those cases where the stats don’t tell the whole story. Most of us watched a lot of Chiefs games and Mahomes was borderline terrible in parts of them. The final score usually ended up respectable but he was missing throws by 15 yards and chucking balls up for grabs. He never did that before.

I really don’t see how you can conclude the Chiefs’ offense “regressed badly” when they had a higher ranked offense (4th best this year, 6th best last) than last year, and put up the 3rd highest PPG in Reid’s 9 years there. They certainly had more bad games than usual, but the last 5 games, they put up 48, 34, 36, 31, and 28 points. I’d take that kind of “regressed badly” any day.

Maybe all the turds came in prime time. Probably a bit of hyperbole on my part but I’m definitely not alone in the perception that they weren’t quite as good this year as the last couple seasons. They definitely had more low scoring games this year than either of the 2 previous seasons including a 3 point total.