Who will have dropped out by the time Super Tuesday is over?

Wasn’t the 53 states just a mixup between the number of primaries/caucuses?

If Biden’s bizarre story about being arrested in SA on his way to have a kumbaya moment with Nelson Mandela turns out to be a fiction, he’ll be a footnote in history in short order. I really hate seeing Sanders in the catbird seat. The Dems are trying to attract moderate repubs, and he’s not the guy to do that. I doubt that Trump will even bother debating him. Sadly, it looks like Warren will be gone, also. I think she’s the toughest candidate on the stage at this point.

And his funding isn’t that deep. And he has a lot more time to run in later years. And he might be hoping for VP or cabinet or just advertising for a senate run.

I saw him speak early in the season, and at that time, he clearly didn’t think he was going to win. Since then, he’s done well enough that his hopes must have been raised, but unless he does pretty well on Super Tuesday he will drop out, I bet.

Of course, who knows, maybe he’ll do well on Super Tuesday. I’m not very good at predicting these things.

Good news is that Sanders brings in under 30 voters. Bad news is a lot of them don’t bother to vote. The over 60 crowd has a high voting rate and many of them will vote Trump

Amy, Elizabeth and Steyer HAVE to consider dropping out after this Nevada debacle, don’t they?

to be honest, I think Bloomberg and Steyer are setting themselves for a post trump run

For god’s sake. You think Bloomberg is spending half a billion dollars so he can run for President in 4 years when he’s 82?