Who will have dropped out by the time Super Tuesday is over?

It seems like everyone currently in the race plans to stick around through at least Super Tuesday on March 3rd. The question for this thread is who, if anyone, will drop out after Super Tuesday is all said and done? The mai reason I think this is an interesting question is due to the possibility of a brokered Democratic convention. The more candidates that stay in, the higher the likelihood that the convention will be brokered. So what day you all about who is likely to drop out? Chose as many options as you want in the poll.

Klobuchar and Warren. Amy showed she wasn’t ready for prime time with the Mexican President question which she flubbed again. She has no campaign infrastructure, she got a nice shot of cash but too little too late.

Warren should have dropped after the embarrassment in IA, I assume she’s only still in for a miracle, maybe more Bernie health issues. Zero delegates in her own backyard is pretty much unknown for a US Senator

Everybody except Pete, Biden, and Bernie will drop after Super Tuesday.

I think Biden, Bloomberg, Sanders, and Pete will be left standing after ST. Klobuchar has a little more momentum than Warren at this point, and I kinda hope she survives, but they both are on the bubble going into ST. Who else is still around? Tulsi - I think that campaign has been circling the bowl since before IA. Steyer - his campaign started out circling the bowl.

In order of predicted delegate totals: Sanders, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Klobuchar. I’m reasonably sure Warren, Steyer, and the less than 1 percent candidates will be gone. Bloomberg I think stays no matter how many delegates he has.

Biden has been in free fall in the polls since the impeachment, though he had the most altitude to lose. Let’s see what South Carolina does as a bellwether for Biden’s chances on Super Tuesday.

I thought Klobuchar was climbing in some of the state polls? Not enough to threaten a win, but 3rd or so? Perhaps some of Warren’s supporters will go to her. Gabbard is going to angle for a VP position, along with Stacey Abrams from Georgia.

Should be interesting. Maybe one will take a commanding lead after ST. Or it’ll be a dogfight until Milwaukee.

If Biden begins to slip behind Bernie in a significant way in SC polls and gets embarrassed again in NV, there will be pressure on Biden to bow out ASAP. It might be too late, though, which is partly the message that Bloomberg wants to get across.

I think Biden will be out after Tuesday.

It’ll be sanders, Pete and Bloomberg after Tuesday.

Having seen the debate, Bloomberg, and probably the sub-qualifiers too.

Have these types of zingers ever worked? I think every modern presidential candidate has been the subject of “OMG! He/she could not name the Speaker of the Cambodian House of Representatives!” criticism and I cannot recall once where that was a factor in torpedoing the candidacy.

I follow the news extensively and would not have known his name without googling. Of course, you could say that I am not running for President of the United States, but so what? You don’t think a President could sit down for 15 minutes, learn about Mexico’s president and be prepared to conduct diplomacy from there?

Sure, there are exceptions. If she didn’t know who Boris Johnson is, for example, that would show a bit of complacency as he has been in the news constantly for the last year.

But my point is that these little trivia contests, while all the rage in the media, really haven’t shown to be a factor for voters.

Unless Sanders does a massive rout of the others on March 3, I bet nobody drops out that week.

As long as it’s not clear that there will be a first-ballot winner, if you stay in the game, you might still win.

This is ridiculous. It would be really bad if she didn’t know Boris Johnson, just like if anyone who reads the news should be embarrassed not to know him. But the President of Mexico is President of a major trading partner and a neighboring country. Frequently in sparring matches over immigration. It is nothing at all like some rando politician in Columbia. She’s in the damn Senate, does Mexican policy never come up in discussions?

I think people are way over estimating Buttigieg’s legs. My bet is he gets clobbered Super Tuesday and middling performances in the next two. He might not drop out in that case but he could.

People on the right still think it’s a ‘big deal’ that Obama thought there were 53 states, but most people didn’t care.

Yeah, based on the Super Tuesday poll numbers I can easily see this happening. The Super Tuesday states are more like South Carolina (where I don’t see him doing well) than they are like Iowa and New Hampshire.

I don’t believe she didn’t know the name of the Mexican President. She seems to have a tendency to blank out on names when under pressure. She did the same thing at an earlier debate when it appeared she had forgotten the name of the Kansas governor right in the middle of talking about her.

Some unsavory things are coming out (no pun intended) about what happened with the South Bend police department under his leadership, and also what he REALLY did as a consultant before he became mayor.

Sounds like a pile of bullshit but let’s see.

I’m demanding a cite or a retraction.

I’m sure it does and it comes up often. I don’t know why that means that the name of the Mexican president would come up often in those discussions or why it would be something that would stick in your head as something to remember. I remember Vicente Fox because he was in the news and outspoken, but since him, I’ve got nothing.

These questions are unfair because not everyone, even very intelligent people, processes things the same way. Many people can tell you everything about a movie they watched, but can’t tell you the title, or they can describe everything on a certain street, the buildings, the restaurants, the signs, the colors, but can’t tell you the name of the street.

Plus, his name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador. That’s not something that sticks in the brain of English speakers nor does it roll off the tongue. I think that is pretty forgivable.

I don’t know anyone on the right, except those who repost Facebook memes, who think that Obama really thought there were 53 states. That was clearly a slip of the tongue.

Just like how one time he didn’t put his hand over his heart during the national anthem made him unpatriotic. If you are running on 2 hours sleep and are hearing the NA for the 33rd time that month, it is easy to have a lapse in thinking.

most drop out due to money problems, that does not apply to Steyer or Bloomberg. I think they probably both stay in for another couple of months.