Who will the next war be against?

Who’s next? Iran? North Korea? China? Mexico? What will be the next big conflict the US is in after the Iraq War?

Canada. Those damn snowbacks have been taking our jobs for way too long!

The next big one will involve China or India or both. The U.S. will not necessarily be involved.

And Iraq doesn’t qualify as a big one.

Personally, I’d say that a conflict with upwards of 30,000 civilian deaths counts as a big conflict. Iraq Index.

The odds of a US/Israeli overt airstrike against Iran by March 2007 typically hovers above 20%. http://www.tradesports.com/aav2/trading/tradingHTML.jsp?evID=37985&eventSelect=37985&updateList=true&showExpired=false

I think Hugo Chavez is doing a pretty good job of pissing off Washington.

Sadly, 30K is barely a blip. More were killed in single - conventional - bombing raids in WW2. More were killed or enslaved when ancient cities were sacked. Single battles in the ancient world often involved many more casualties.

About .000006% of the worlds population.

I still say it’s going to be Cuba. Because we can beat them.


The blue states

I think Washington is glad to demonize Chavez to justify a war later down the road. Can’t have all that petroleum sitting in non-US hands, can we?

I sure as hell hope the real result is “nobody”.

I fear otherwise.

Whoever it is, they will be brown.

Seems like it wouldn’t take much. He’s using oil money to pay for weapons. Blustering about gearing up for an American invasion. Plus there’s all those drugs. We could always decide to ramp up the War on Drugs. Maybe toss in a possible Al-queda training camp in there somewhere.

I have a dandy idea, why the US doesn´t go through the whole secession thing again so they can keep waging war against each other and leave the rest of the world alone?..

Why, yes, I´m ranting here; the question “who´s next” rubs me the wrong way.
I´m trying to think of a period of more than two years since 1942 where the US hasn´t been on a open, covert or cold state of war with someone. Doesn´t that get tyring?

And crispy after we’re through with them. Hah!

I’ll shut up now.

Not soon enough.


It does and I hate it. If it means anything, I apologizing for being such a dick on a worldwide level.

For a nation of peace, we’ve spent a lot of time messing with the Art of War.

Chances are, what ever conflict will be in, will have started long before we officially get into it. We’re the world police. So everybody play nice, or else. :dubious: