Who won the fight in the parking lot?

You know, the one where the tall blob was threatening the short rake for having had sex with her boyfriend?

Who won? I had my money on the tall blob, especially after she made that sound that would curdle the blood of a male silverback gorilla.

Do I have to be American to know what you are on about?$

It’s not helping me…

No, you just had to be in the parking lot.:smiley:

I was not in the parking lot, but I would guess it was the tall blob.

I somebody on drugs? Somebody must be on drugs.

No, just late.

Well, the tall blobs have the arm reach, but those short rakes like to grab for the legs and pull the tall blobs off balance. Once you have got the tall blob on the ground, the short rake can sit on the tall blob’s chest and start scratching the eyes out and yanking the hair out of her scalp.

The condo complex I live in is right next door to the high school, so it is not uncommon for the kids to wait until they are off the school property before starting their fights. The cops have been to our complex twice in the last week because of fights between the high school kids. There are a lot of retired folks living in our complex and they don’t appreciate watching a bunch of high school hooligans beating each other up on their front lawns.