Who works in a cube or office they hate do not like? I'm here to help.

I got to thinking about this the other day. I posted a thread a while back on Ask the Environmental Psychologist and it went over pretty well. A few people emailed me with different design problems or spacial issues they were having and I helped them to the best of my ability.

Well the time has come where the end of the summer is ever approaching, and I am going to have to go back to work for this autumn semester. I have my classes I will be teaching (psych 202, stats 101, research methods 202 and cognitive processes) I have not taught CP in a long while. It is not the most loved class for most students but it is a much needed class.

Anyway, I’d like to give back a little to doper’s who may want a little design change in their work space. As an environmental psychologist and someone who appreciates a work area that promotes both productivity and good vibes with-in. So ask away!

I can work with just about any scheme, so weather you are a tech sitting among 100 other techs or in an office you just don’t like…I’ll suggest subtle changes and modifications that will make your work day easier on you and hopefully more enjoyable on little to know budget. It’s the least I can do fo having so much fun here!