Who would be your lifelines?

Assuming you could get anyone [dead or fictional people are not eliglible]?

I’d have…

my mom (she’s a lawyer and a smart cookie
my husband
Laurie Anderson
um… I’ll come up with more

oh, and someone who can type fast and is sitting in the #straightdope chat room (and I’d make all of you go to chat that night)

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If the questions were related to sports, math, movies, or popular music, it’d be my oldest son Mike. Kid’s memory is unbelievable.

If allowed, I’d use the Seattle Public Library Quick Info service. I don’t even live there anymore, but they don’t know that. I call them lots!

My husband
CatRimbaud’s parents
My friend Terry

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my brother
my sis-in-law
my dad

If my mom were alive, I would pick her for most any question. She was a genius, literally, she was a member of MENSA.

My sis-in-law is close behind her

My brother is next he’s pretty close

My dad, well, because he’s my Daddy :slight_smile:

Depends upon the question asked.

Sports question - my brother. Knows just about everything about every major sport, and a bottomless pit of baseball info.

Older pop-culture question - mom. She was there.

Rock question (if I didn’t know it) - Gotta go with Satan.

medical question - friend Michelle’s husband Michael, who is in med school right now.

History question - depends on the kind. My friend Chris knows just about everything there is to know about the kings and queens of England. Beyond that, I dunno…

Anyway, it depends.

Cecil: knows everything

My Uncle Jimmy
My mom’s SO Mike: these two know everything else

My mom: knows oodles of trivia
My dad: techie.
My husband: music

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My mom…because she knows everything,she told me this herself!

Kellibelli…because she’s full of useless trivia and knowledge that has got to pay off someday!

My other friend Kelly…she knows all about the things the other two don’t know as well.
and finally my dad…just in case sports came up. :slight_smile:

How does a deaf person call anyone? With a tty? It would take forever. Same with the relay. can’t I call Regis? Id have an interpreter & then she could just ask him.

I talked to my friend on the phone yesterday, and she informed me that her new choice insult is, “You are NOT one of my lifelines.”

Mine would be:
Cecil (of course!)
My dad (he knows a ton of really random information)
My sister (who’s 15, and would therefore probably know the answer to NSync questions)

Okay, I’ve never actually seen the show, but from what I hear, I really hope I wouldn’t actually need to USE a lifeline, cause I’m not an IDIOT. If they asked Pokemon questions, I might have to call my 13-year old housemate, though.


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I’ll betcha I could sell ol’ Regis on the idea of posting my lifeline question to this board. "Reej, dude, this is the internet – the future today! Your ratings will skyrocket and you’ll look so much more progressive than those boneheads at Greed.

I’m confident that I’d get the answer in about 2 minutes.

Oh, and Kyla: I am so going to steal that. It’s now my new insult, too.

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I’d call someone with internet access and two phone lines. How long does the lifeline have to produce an answer? Y’know, just in case they have to refine their search :slight_smile:

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I thought it would be cool to carry a cell phone and call yourself.

Alas, they have but 30 seconds, including the time it takes to ask the question.

Now if they’d do it as a live show, the callee could be researching the questions as they were asked.

My lifelines: My sister the Ph.D. for anything literature or history-related, my brother for anything scientific (it’s a family affair…) and there’s a guy at my job who can answer just about anything on music or pop culture.


Angkins, thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me…sniff I love you buddy!

Music, I would definately go to satan, politics and crap like that (remember, I am Canadian) I would call C#3, DavidB, of some of the great debaters.

My brother Andy for some stuff, Sports, probably my Grampie, or angie’s dad.

I would basically put out a call for assistance on the MB before I left for the show, and people who felt especially strong in certain areas could volunteer. Some of the brightest people I have never met are on this board.
Awesome topic Opal! Hey, I just got to $125000 on the CD rom version!

(Angie you can borrow it anytime!)

My brothers (4 in all, one has to know something)
My son who knows nothing but thinks he knows it all
CanadianSue the best friend a person could have

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You’d get a call when the show is NOT on the air. So you wouldn’t know what the question was.

You can play with imaginary people you call when you play the game at abc.com

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