Who would Iran be likely to nuke?

Because there is no history of extremists being suicidal?

Maybe the foot soldiers, but the leaders tend not to be. When was the last time the Mullahs engaged in an action that could be deemed suicidal? Or even bin Laden?

Heck, if you read enough Tom Clancy, you know that the only thing faster and easier than determining a nuke’s origin is CSI running a DNA scan.

Not likely to nuke anyone in the first 20 years or so.

Who would they like to nuke?

Iraq on and off
Great Britain
Saudi Arabia

I don’t think they would particularly like to nuke Iraq at this point. And add Pakistan to the list - the two have been fighting little proxy wars all over central Asia whenever the opportunity arises.

They haven’t needed anything more solid to institute air strikes in the past. Israel is very touchy when it comes to threats. This probably comes from three attempted invasions in less than thirty years. I’d be touchy, too.

Again. I think the only reason to have nukes in this day and age is for a deterrent. To actually use them when others have the same capability would be suicidal.

Exactly. Suicide bombing is a tactic that is only really useful when used against an democratic occupying force (real or perceived). See Vietnam, Lebanon, and Gaza.