Who would win in a fight between Mr. Mister and Lisa Lisa?

On the one hand, Mr. Mister is like four dudes.

On the other, Lisa Lisa has a fiery Latin temper and a keytar.

Talk Talk and The The are the second fight.

Duran Duran is the alternate.


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Mr Mr gets a blister

Lisa Lisa gets a pizza

Eh, I got nothin.

*Hey soul sister, is that Mister Mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain’t fair, you know…

…I’m so obsessed, my heart is bound to beat right out of my untrimmed chest…



Lisa Lisa has Cult Jam (and sometimes Full Force) to back her up.

How sad is it that I actually thought about the different bands, & it took the first response for me to really see the joke?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNKbHJ3PTu4 Mr Mister

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-fSv9jClCw Lisa Lisa

I’m not sure.

Lisa Lisa on account of major boobage.

Lisa Lisa would get lost in emotion, Mr. Mister has that whole resilient taking of broken wings and learning to fly again thing. Plus they have no qualms about calling on a higher power. Gotta give the nod to Mr. Mister.

But Duran Duran totally trumps them all.

Would Lisa Lisa be able to bring Cult Jam and Full Force with her?

Agreed. They have the lightning fast reflex (flex-flex-flex-flex). And they’re hungry in a manner very similar to wolves.

My gut (and personal taste) screams Talk Talk trumps all, but I think sheer numbers would have me putting money on Tony! Toni! Toné!

Was Not Was trumps them all, as they can disappear at will.

Besides, they have a freakin’ dinosaur!

Mr. Mister carries a laser down the roads that they must travel, through the darkness of the night.

Well, no, they just encouraged people to “walk” like one. However, “walk the dinosaur” may be a codename for a specific form of terrifyingly deadly martial arts that heretofore has been unknown.

Or it could be a term for…uh…y’know…something else

Mr. Mister has the Liberty Committee on his side, with President Prexie, Dr. Specialist, Rev. Salvation, and Editor Daily, not to mention Mrs. Mister, Junior Mister, and Sister Mister. Lisa Lisa’s in trouble unless she can help Larry Foreman and his work on creating a union so the cradle will rock.

Guess Who?

No, no, they’re in an entirely different league, with Duran Duran Duran and Wet Wet Wet.