Who would win in a fight to the death ...

Winnie the Pooh or Elmer Fudd?

I think Elmer, because he’s got an evil streak.

Pooh knows Tai Chi.

Isn’t Tai Chi pretty nonviolent, though?

Sadly, shotgun beats Pooh stick in one round.

Yes, but has Elmer ever actually hit anything with his shotgun?

Pooh’s got Pooh Sticks

Plus Pooh has a dark side

Does Pooh get the benefit of his posse? 'Cause I think Tigger could put a serious thumping on Fudd.

Daffy Duck. A lot. Remember Rabbit Fire?

Yeah, but he never really hurts him. Blows his beak backwards and he’s fine ten seconds later.

Elmer Fudd would shoot himself with his own shotgun while Pooh sits on his ass eating honey. Pooh wins 5 seconds into round one.

A) The question was whether Elmer ever hit anything, and B) Daffy is a Manly He-Duck, while Pooh is a P-P-P-Pussy Boy.

Bah! Elmer, in all his goofiness, misses Pooh. Pooh, startled by the sudden sound, falls and accidently encases Fudd’s head in his hunney jar. “Bother!” says Pooh. Hilarity enues as Tigger tries to bounce him free, Eeyore tries to kick the jar from his head…other solutions are suggested, with none of the poor ninnies realizing that Fudd has suffocated. It’s not zen to mess with the Pooh, man.

No. It’s a fighting technique when sped up, instead of done slowly as training or physical conditioning.

He blew Daffy’s beak off repeatedly. Fortunately it snaps right back on. :smiley:

Never send Elmer Fudd to do Yosemite Sam’s job.

Krokodil, you really want to see Pooh pawn some Warner Bros. ass, don’t you?

Yosemite Sam would shoot up everything but Pooh, then would disguise a barrel of TNT as a honey pot. And when he gave the honey pot to Pooh, Pooh would offer to share.

And that would be the end of Yosemite Sam.

I think, of all the Warner Bros. villains, only Cecil Turtle would have a shot against Pooh.

I just can’t see Elmer Fudd going into this without screwing up. His best bet would be to trade his shotgun for an AK-47 which he could at least try to aim, and then sneaking up behind Pooh and capping him.

The problem is though that Elmer Fudd is the kind of idiot who keeps thinking too much on the mission, believing that the more he stops to ponder his environment in the middle of a hunting trip, the more successful he will be. That’s why Bugs Bunny can engage him in conversation and trick him into shooting himself or dress up like a dancing girl and beat the crap out of him while he’s just standing there slack-jawed like Barney Fife trying to figure out who took his cop car this time. Elmer doesn’t understand that thinking won’t do him any good, because deep down inside, Elmer doesn’t know that he’s an idiot.

That’s why I think Elmer–in spite of his best intentions going into this–will eventually have a thought, which will lead to another thought, which will finally lead to a plan in which he hires a Heffalump or whatever to steal Pooh’s honey in the hopes that it will demoralize him and shock him into compliance. What it will do, of course, is enrage Winnie into fucking Elmer’s shit up. I mean, we’re talking Timothy Treadwell here. The only way Pooh would get shot in this scenario would be if his rage over his honey compelled him into mauling a bunch of innocent campers after killing Elmer before the park service brought him down.

You know, reading the above, I realize that anyone who wanted to to research the thought processes within the administration that led us into the second Iraq war could do a lot worse than watch a bunch of Looney Tunes episodes featuring Elmer in the woods with his shotgun and single digit IQ.

Pooh is out of shape.
Pooh cartoons are largely non-violent, & Warners are over the top.
Pooh got no game, & can’t take a punch. Pooh got no stamina.
Plus, he’s a honey junky.
Elmer tires him out, then kicks his @ss, shotgun or nay.
Victory to–O.G. Gangsta Elmer. Word.

I honestly don’t know… but, what pops in my mind is: “Kiwww the Pooh Bewhr, be vehwy cawfewhl, kiww the Pooh Bewhr…”

There might be the Eeyore factor, though, cause he might be ready to assplode in defense of his territory if Fudd comes barging in.

Eeyore Vs Fudd:

Fudd: “I want to Kiww the Pooh Bewhr!!! I’ve got a gun, am weady to wid this wood of Pooh’s pwecious widdle witticisms.”

Eeeyore: “Well, I dunno, kinda like Pooh, he’s a good guy and all, and , well, I dunno”

Fudd: “Fewget that, he’s a Wascal, and I know wascals, wascally wascals, wabbits or not. That bewhr is a wascal. And, I gotta kiwwr him.”

Eeyore: " I dunno, see he’s a good guy, he just gets sussed up with honey sometimes, I dunno…"

Fudd: “You are a sad ass of a slowpoke , and I’m on a kiwwwin spwee, and you Brits with nice fairytales can just anti up with your ignorance, so poor Pooh bewwr can just deal with it.”

Eeyore: loses it, and, even in his dumpty dump manner, kicks the hell out of Mr. Fudd: in surveying the damage: "Well, he had that comin. What was he thinkin’? Oh Well. "

I can already see the sequel to this:

(Pooh and Eeyore are looking at Yosemite Sam tied up in their basement)

Pooh: Bring out the Fudd.

Eeyore: I think the Fudd’s sleeping.

Pooh: Then I guess you’re going to have to wake him up.

(Cue music)

I have this image of it going this direction :

Fudd : “Hunny, smunny, I’m gonna shoot the liddle wascal !”

EEyore : " ‘Little’ wascal?"

Fudd : “The little wascal ! The beah !”

Eeyore : " . . . you DO know those books and films were made a long time ago ?"

Fudd : “Eh ?”

< Huge, dark ominous shadow looms over Fudd from behind >

< screen goes black, with a scream and crunching noises >

Eeyore : “Pooh, you were SO much nicer when you stuck to honey.”