Who would win in an MMA fight based purely on looks Romney or Obama?

Who is the baddest looking dude of the upcoming Pres Election?

I’ll back Obama, he’s got that wiry look you often see on pretty tough guys. He’s also 15 years younger than Mitt (who looks in pretty good shape for a 65 year old). Unless Romney gets in a lucky shot early on those years will have to tell.

First you have to tell us who Romney is going to delegate the responsibility to.

Obama. Easy choice.

Mitt’s looks leaves me cold.

Obama, simply due to the age difference. But I will say, Romney has got to be one of the best looking 65-year olds I’ve seen. If I just saw him and didn’t know who he was, I’d put him in his early 50’s.

Does your pick of the O’ster have anything to do with his blackness though?


They decide MMA fights on looks?


Obama is younger, Mitt probably has kind of brittle old bones. But Mitt is heavier, and Obama’s a smoker. Hard to say.

Does Romney work out, do sports, anything like that?

Obama hasn’t smoked in a couple of years, and keeps fit playing basketball. I’ll grant that Romney looks damn good for his age, but the only outdoor activity I’ve seen him engaged in was riding a Jetski, which is not really all that active, although I did find one link that says he runs three miles a day.

Romney is about 6’2" ish to Obamas 6’ to 6’-1". Romney probably has about 20-25 lbs on him or more as Obama’s been looking kind of skinny lately.

IMO really would depend on endurance. Both are relatively slender, fit men. Neither one looks to be all that much of a muscular powerhouse. Given his age of 65 years and the probable effect of that on his speed and reaction time I think Romney would have to take it to the ground and grapple if he expected to have any chance to win.

If Romney was on Rafalca, maybe Romney.

Otherwise its Barack Obama all the way.

Neither one of them seem too tough. It would turn into an embarrassing slap fight pretty quick.

Neither of them look very tough. I’ll Mitt has actually been in a fight or two in his life though, where I doubt Obama has. GWB looked tougher than either of them.

I think you’d be surprised. Men who get to the point they can contend for Pres of the US usually didn’t get there by being weaklings or cowards on any level. Being a “pussy” is not a normal attribute of people at that level of accomplishment.

Being driven or ambitious does not mean you can take a punch.

yeah, I’d rather see Cheney-Biden. They both look like a couple junk yard dog, no rules street fight types. I see bike chains and switchblades.

What if we gave former Gov. Schwarzenegger to Romney and former Gov. Ventura to Obama and made it a tag-team?

Biden would definitely kick someone in the nuts in a fight.

Regardless of how it goes, at some point Michelle is coming in with a folding chair.