Who would you save? A baby or a panda

Even if it was the last panda alive - Bye…

Worst username-post combo nominee…

Is the baby going to grow up to be the next Hitler?

Can the panda talk?

My species, right or wrong.

I’d stuff the baby into the giant panda via the zipper in its back, and save the panda.

If there was a finger monkey involved I’d pretend I didn’t see the baby or the panda.

Probably not
No, unless you count growls and whimpers

I’d save the human baby. I’d feel sorry that I couldn’t also save the baby panda, but I wouldn’t agonize over my decision.

Even though the question states they have no previous relationship with the panda, it says nothing about being able to develop a relationship after the rescue.
I believe it’s called a “cute-meet.”

What if the panda grows up to be the next Stalin?

Then it’ll be just so super adorkable ^.^

This is the same board where people defended voting for saving the last copy of the complete works of W. Shakespeare over a human in a hypothetical. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Human baby. Sorry, but pandas are a dead-end species.

If they were both drowning, I wouldn’t have time to have this debate in my head. My instinct would be to save the human.

I think I just died.

You could argue that humans are, too. :slight_smile:

I don’t give a good goddamn whether the baby is healthy or not, or has two loving parents or not. I save the baby, because despite pretending to be Evil!Skald hereabouts, I am not a contemptible asshole.

The same cannot be said of anybody who’d walk away and let the baby die, by the way. Any able-bodied human being who could countenance doing such a thing has something severely wrong with them and at a minimum requires intensive therapy, if not exile.

Who cares? Cats are not a dead-end species, and I’d still save the baby over the cat. Any baby ever born trumps any cat ever whelped.

I’m genuinely horrified a sane human being would save a fucking panda over a fellow human.

Anyone who seriously says such a thing is mentally disturbed and should be forced by law to undergo a psychological evaluation and, if necessary, institutionalized.

I’d save the baby without even thinking twice.

I give people a by on account of it being an internet poll and we’re not exactly bound by our responses. But if, by some strange and unusual chance, I were to witness someone actually choose to save a panda over a human, yes, I would be horrified and clamor for their head on a pike.

I think – make that hope – that persons saying such a thing are kidding with us.

As I noted in post 15, I really do hope it’s a joke.