Who would you save? A baby or a panda

Inspired by this thread.

If you only have time to save one of them, whom would you save?

A baby human (if it matters, they are disability-free, with two loving parents)
A baby giant panda (it is very healthy and non-inbred)

You do not have any prior relationship with either of them.

I’d rather not say.

Is the baby ugly or cute?

And what’s the status of that diaper?

The baby is cute, but not cute enough to front an ad campaign.

The panda is not wearing a nappy, the baby is wearing an empty one.

I’d save the baby panda because it would be more difficult to raise and train a human to carry me into battle.

You say the panda’s not inbred. How about the baby?

Is this a “cook both for dinner tonight, or save one for tomorrow” scenario?

'Cause that will change my answer.

The one that we don’t save, is it trapped in a burning car and we have to shoot it with a pistol?

Baby, not even a shred of a doubt

I’d save the baby. Ninety percent of that reason is because I value the baby more than the panda, and ten percent is because I’d be too scared to get close to the panda. I read somewhere that they can be very mean. Also, claws.

“Babies” ain’t no endangered species.

That was pretty much my thought - there’s plenty more humans where that one came from.

We don’t know, but the baby is definitely healthy

But on the other hand, you can’t chuck a panda

No, the young’un will be safe from any immediate danger

No, you will not be directly responsible for the others death

The panda - Ailuropoda melanoleuca or Ailurus fulgens?

The people voting for panda are kidding, right?

I’d rather not say.

I’d save the baby even if it were the entire panda species at risk. Nature’s F student.

The baby, cuz he’s on my team. Homo sapiens for lyfe!

As I wrote in the OP, it’s a giant panda (ailuropoda melanoleuca)

I voted for the panda, they are far harder to replace and far more precious for biodiversity than the baby human, even if it would devastate the baby’s parents

Human, no contest.