Who would you vote as th winner in Survivor Samoa

As things are right now, if you were to vote in Survivor Samoa, who would you vote for.

I’d vote for Russell, I did not like him initially and I’m still not fond of his personnality, but he played the best game so far.

Russell. I too didn’t like him at first–in fact, I thought he came across a little bit sexist initially, but the dude’s totally grown on me. He knows what he’s doing and may be the best Survivor player I’ve ever seen. Although he may seem abrasive initially, he seems like a pretty okay guy, and I don’t think there’s any doubting he’s playing the game the best of anyone out there right now. I mean, finding three immunity idols without any clues? Dude is amazing and deserves to win.

I disagree and am going with Jaison. Russell knows that there’s no beach to bury the idols and they’re always near landmarks, so they were easy to find this time. He’s also been aided by the sheer laziness of his opponents. He’s built his edge solely on idols and threats and at the end, neither will work. He’s also an ex-drug-offender who joined his daddy’s business and lucked into an oil boom, so I don’t respect him outside the game either.

Now that J’s feeling better, he has a chance to shine, although I think it might be too late.

Do you have cites for that? Regardless, of whether he’s a drug offender or not (and whether that even matters), that doesn’t negate his accomplishments within the game proper. And I think you are severely undermining what exactly it is that he has accomplished.

So far as I know, no other Survivor had even thought to look for the hidden immunity idols before being told of such–let alone finding three of them! Regardless of whether they’re easy to find or not (and that’s easy for us, sitting at home to say as we watch someone else do the hard work), he found them and no one else did–even when they were tailing him! Add to that his ability to play his teammates like a fiddle, and I think he has definitely justified his potential victory.

I agree with Red, the fact that Russell may or may not be a drug offender should not be considered, the contestants do not have access to that information like we do.

As to him already being rich, I would allow that as it is himself that reveal the info, not only to the viewers in one of his monologue, but also to some tribemates. My opinion is, any thing you reveal is fair game.

Also, that he took the initiative to look for and find, what at the time, was a presumed idol showes that he can outwit the others.

Huh, I voted for Russell, read the thread, and went back to the top to submit my vote, and somehow it was on Brett. So if someone can change that, I’d appreciate it.

Russell has really changed the way this game is played. Although his major strategy hasn’t changed much from Season 2’s Brian: Tell everyone that they are your final 2 choice, then call it gameplay at the final-tribal. But his ideas to keep people off-balance have really solidified his place in Survivor history as the best and most loved villain in the game.

Actually, he had a clue to the third one - courtesy of the absolutely fantastic Sprint Treo. Finding two unaided and the third ahead of everyone else who had the clue is still amazing.

But this is still true.