Who writes Britney Spears' songs?

This question is not just directed at Britney Spears’ songs but all of the music of that genre (Take That, Madonna, Spice Girls etc). I have heard that Britney ‘co-writes’ all her songs’ lyrics but am not convinced. Who is REALLY behind the tunes? How much do they get paid compared to her? Have they discovered a formula for generating ‘catchy’ music ad infinitum?

My Swedish popstar brothers-in-lawtell me its a Swedish producer who has the magic formula. I’ve forgotten his name - he’s accredited on the back of the latest Britney CD though.

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the Swedish magic formula guy is called Max Martin (not his real name), and he not only writes and produces songs but also plays instruments and even contributes occasional vocals on Ms Spears’ albums.

so, would Max Martin win a fight against M. Jackson?

Why don’t you believe that she can write herself? She’s a clever girl, and according to this site she’s also an expert in semiconductor physics! :slight_smile:

The person who arranges the Letters of the Alphabet for use by the Spice Girls in their Tunes, is guilty of crimes so horrendous to the Ears of Humanity that a commensurate punishment is thus far unimagined.

At the very least he should be told to Stop It.

Max Martin originally was the inventor on the Ear Tampon, then went searching for a vehicle to booster it’s sales.

Are crow-bars allowed in the fight?

I believe the “music” churned out by Ms. Spears, Madonna, Spice Girls, et al is created by an infinite number of monkeys locked in a room with a toy piano.

It’s an audible smell.

Well, after listening to “Slave”, I realized that all her songs were written by a supercomputer, and that “VROOoooo” sound you hear in the background is it shutting down. Now who’ll rhyme “baby” with “baby” for her?

I’m frothing mad that you are lumping Madonna in with this group of “pop” pixies!!!

Cease and desist at once or you shall taste my Wrath!

(P.S. – Wrath is a registered trademark of Gorgon Heap Evil Enterprises Incorporated upon which the penalty for copywrite infringment is duly placed Wrath.)

Hey, don’t bring the Pixies into this thread! They are too good to be mentioned in here.

Who cares who wrote the damn songs!!! I want to know if THEY are real. In People mag she said they were but I have my doubts. Any cites?

I don’t follow Madonna, but I always figured that she actually was musically talented, including writing her own songs. I never considered her in the same hole with Britney et al. Or am I wrong?

I want to know who sings her songs… her voice sounds SOOO processed on the (mercifully) few sonds I’ve heard.

I also found it interesting that at a NASCAR race this summer - she was there to say “Gentlemen, start your engines” but was NOT invited to sing the anthem…

Unless Ms. Spears has those implants with the open tube that can be filled/deflated on request (yes, they exist- and are more likely to get infected), they’re real. I’ve seen her up close, sans wonderbra.

What exactly are you saying here?

Actually, regarding the OP, it’s a bunch of different people. Max Martin was far and away the lead writer/producer on the first album, but I think Britney may (should) be leading her career away from that genre. She is, after all, very nearly 20. So, I’ve got two links:

These both refer to her new album, Britney, which I’m sure none of you have had the guts to listen to. I’d be surprised, however, if you didn’t realize I’m a Slave 4 U (produced by hip-hop hismakers the NEPTUNES) has a very different sound from Hit me baby… They’ve got the writing credits after each song on the AllMusic site, and explanations of the process in both.

And, I can understand you doubting that Britney writes her own material but, really, how insightful is it? It’s not like she’s some brain-dead tramp; at least allow that the poor girl might be able to help write some insipid, lackluster numbers. I’m confident she “sits in” or “offers her advice” on all the tunes on her latest album (of course, they wouldn’t permit that on Baby one more time, back before she was a worldwide sensation). So, yeah, her tunes aren’t nearly as sugary as they used to be; still, I don’t think you’d find many adults calling them good. OK, hope I helped.

Oh, and, yes, while Madonna’s better, she’s running off the same formula. She’s just smarter than Britney. I don’t think Madonna’s music is really going to last. Do you, G.H.?