Whoa i am soo pissed right now! (from an aussie teen!)

hehe i am off my face! and itr is no good doing so cause i went out to dinner to a resturant with my parents and their friend (i am onlt a 17 year old male u see) and all thius alcohol we had has really got to me! I mean i would never in my life start a thread about crap all but i am now :smack: Hehe any way i get really pissed easy u see and i tried to act normal; in front of my parents but i couldt and they were laughing about it! I had a japanese slipper cocktail, about 4 glasses of some french wine cause the waiter kept filling my glass, and then a brandy alexander, and since since we were talking to the cheif, the waiter brought out some after dinner schnappes for us which was soo strong. It was in some other language but we think it was apricot schnappes. Wow, but now im at home and am about to pass out so ne body else can share their experiences about being pissed as a teenager! (usually i am getting pissed somewhere in the main street with friends though!)

This - unless I’m very much mistaken - is one of those “aren’t regional variations in English useage intriguing” musings. None of your prosaic “fanny packs”?! for **Insaneous **. The point that what the majority on these Boards might call “pissed”, we call “pissed off” is made via the lyrical device:

I’ll link to this thread the next time I inadvertantly refer to “bumming fags” (I still cringe at that one).

Have you considered getting a Monkey Butler, Insaneous?

…bloody hell, a flashback to the late 80s.

I’m pissed as well. No job; damned recruiter dragging her feet; the weather sucks…I could go on.

Instead I think I’ll go have a drink.

Seems to work for the OP.

I think we’ve found Homer’s twin…

I lived in Melbourne for almost a year in 1990. I reckon if you want to have hawthorne half-believe you - you need to mention Toorak Road (Rodeo Drive of Melbourne), Yarrog (sp?) River, MCG, Footy, St. Kilda Beach, The Station pub (still there??) and the Botanical Gardens and the coolest trams in the world to chase and hop aboard. And fine sheilas.

Better to be pissed than pissed on. Right, lieu?

I thought when Australians came of age you were supposed to go on a “walkabout” and subsist on kangaroo dung and some psychoactive devils brew made from the squeezings of cane toads and various other species of your incredibly deadly flora and fauna, and yet puzzlingly you regale us with tales of wine, schnappes and cocktails.

Sigh… if you can’t trust National Geographic who can you trust.

I just realised i turn 18 in a few weeks. Expect a lot more drunk-Melbourne-teenage-male threads.

18 is the drinking age still, eh?

I’ll shout for a round of VB on Gerome. :b

haha, the stuff you find when you go searching for your username on google…

You find you’ve become a zombie?

That must be disconcerting.


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