Whoa, I'm caught in a time warp

going from the SDMB home page listing the forums, hit ‘view all new posts’ and I got a page of threads from January 16, 2001. very strange. talk about your glitches. whew!


D: ?deatsni sdrawkcab snur emit erehw xetrov-emit a ni thguac er’uoy ebyaM

.siht daer evah t’ndluow I neht tuB .etuc

I hit “New Posts” & the first page was fine, but the second was listing nothing but stuff from 1999! :eek:

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!parc siht daer ot woh tuo derugif I eveileb t’nac I ,tihs yloH

I just got the same error that Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor got. I thought all that stuff was pruned.

Zev Steinhardt

:gnidnuotsa s’tI
gniteelf…si emiT
llot s’ti sekat ssendaM
But listen closely,
,ylesolc netsil tuB
,regnol hcum yrev rof toN
lortnoc peek ot tog ev’I
praW emiT eht gniod rebmemer I
nehw stnemom esoht gniknirD
The blackness would hit me
em tih dluow ssenkcalb ehT
gnillac eb dluow eciov a dnA
“!niaga praW emiT eht od s’teL”


?thgir, xetrov laropmet a fo stceffe gniyzzid eht wohs ot era senil sdrawrof eht taht ,esruoc fo ,ezilaer lla uoY

::Scarlett slaps Fenris upside de haid::

Stop, I say stop it, boy, yer givin’ me the bejeebers!

Same error as zev and Bosda – 2nd page was 5-26-1999 to 5-7-1999 (in reverse order), and 3rd page was 6-3-1999 to 5-26-1999 (in reverse order), and so on ad nauseam.

Pleh, pleh!

and, while I’m grousing, is anyone else getting almost 75% ‘page not found’ on initial attempts to open a thread. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s putting quite the damper on my count. Or, maybe that’s it, it’s an evil plot by the forces of Evil [sup]TM[/sup] to maintain my low -anonymous type profile here. Grumble grumble darn forces of Evil[sup]TM[/sup] never let a gal have any fun.

Knock it off, Fenris!! Your making me seasick! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa. What’s really odd is that I’m seeing this thread on the front page here on February 12, 2002. How appropriate that it should resurface now, right after January’s “benevolent” Antarean invasion of Earth. Oh, had we only known then what we do now!

I opened “New Posts” and there, among the current posts was a note from my Aunty May reminding me not to put my feet on the bed without taking my shoes off first.

My Aunty May died four years ago.

What’s happening?


::channeling Aunty May:;
Dear Red what’s happening? Obviously I noticed that you’re again putting your feet on the bed without taking your shoes off first. Stop doing that.

Aunty May

::/channeling Aunty May::

Sorry there, hit “edit” when I meant to hit “quote.”

Lemme try this again:

I hit “New Posts” & the first page was fine, but the second was listing nothing but stuff from 1999!/quote]

We’re aware there’s a problem in search . . . it’s being looked at. Sorry for your inconvenience.

your humble TubaDiva

Oh, suuure, TubaDiva. Obviously, Bosda’s complete post revealed the Truth about the Straight Dope/Philadelphia Project/Grays nexus, and Cecil’s top-secret time vortex experiments! After all, what’s Cecil’s slogan? “Fighting ignorance since 1973 (it’s taking longer than we thought).” Clearly, a strong interest–nay, an obsession–with time.

[Cecil]The fools! The cursed armies of ignorance! I’ve been at this for twenty-eight years–twenty-eight years! I’ll go back in time and kill all their grandfathers! They will not call me “mad” then, oh no! MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA![/Cecil]

Of course, “Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor” has probably been replaced by an alien replicant by now.

You just made my head explode. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

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