Whoa! It's a Sculpture! No, It's Transportation!

It’s both! And it’s freakin’ cool! Simply gorgeous piece of work by a Belgium artist of a panther which he apparently rides down to the local pub when he wants a drink! You can see more pics and videos on his website. I’m just gobsmacked by the thing.

That is beyond awesome and I want one!

That is freaking sweet. You know those commercials for scooters for old people? If I get to that point, I want this instead!

It is very, very cool but I have to say I think you will get home a lot faster crawling on all fours yourself.
Boy, that things is slow.

Would it buck if it backfired? :smiley:

I’d only want one if I could command it to eat small children.


::futilely grabs at tissue to keep the tea shooting out of my nose from getting on the keyboard::

crap - thanks man. :slight_smile:

Belgium: where the mountain lion shall hie down to the lambic.

Cringer: Great. Another job lost to automation.

I can just see it: Bernice and Joy, sitting triumphantly on their mechanical tigers at the edge of the Grand Canyon, while an echoing voice-over says “Tiger-Round!”
for those who don’t know what I’m talking about

Yes, but it’s all about style. :smiley:

Great, another cool thing you can’t buy. I did like most of his other stuff too.

Oh, Wow!

I’m sure that guy built the tiger to ride so he wouldn’t leave a slippery trail of talent on the sidewalk behind him when he walks downtown.

When he fills up at Exxon, do they ask him if wants to put a tiger in the tank?

Top points for cooolness. Besides being slow, it seems really hard to drive (I think he has to activate each footstep) and steer.